Thursday, September 10, 2015

Donal's testimonial

Donal is an enthusiastic trader who has come on leaps and bounds in the last 12 months. He was kind enough to send me this testimonial today:

"I approached Steve because I wanted to advance my trading knowledge and wanted that process accelerated. Steve helped me initially in his 1-2-1 tuition on how to trade his system and addressed any concerns I had from the beginning which gave me great confidence from the start. His weekly webinars also provided invaluable assistance.

One of Steve’s great strengths is communication - responses were always very swift and very thorough. And Steve often checked in on me unprompted to assess my progress.

Without question, my confidence in my trading ability has significantly progressed over the last 12 months due to the psychological lessons and respect of risk instilled by Steve along with the motivational blogs/tweets (which for me personally was very important in order to maintain focus).

Overall I would highly recommend Steve as a mentor to anyone wanting to speed the learning process of trading. Thanks Steve !"

One thing Donal doesn't mention - through time, he evolved his own preferred method and timeframe, which is shorter-term to my own. He is identifying trends which occur over a shorter period. This is similar process to what Chris went through, only he ended up trading longer-term than me. 

Both methods are generating positive expectancy and profits. Perhaps more importantly, they are both fully compatible with their own style, and are able to follow the signals with little second guessing. 

All this shows once again that those twin pillars of good risk control and developing the right mindset are applicable to all styles of trading.

Having spoken to Donal today, one of the other big things for him is how much emphasis he places on recording and reviewing his own trading performance. This is critical for any trader to identify any possible issues which will require attention.

Thanks Donal! 

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