Thursday, June 14, 2018

Learning from the Turtles experiment - what should you learn first?

The ad that started a legend.

An often overlooked aspect of the Turtle Traders experiment was not simply what they got told, but the order in what they got told. We can piece this together from the various writings about the experiment, including that of the Turtles themselves.

"Rich and Bill first taught us the foundations of basic gaming and probability theory. They explained to us the mathematical basis for money management, risk of ruin, and expectation" - Curtis Faith, from Way of The Turtle

It is also known that, while a commodities trader, Richard Dennis preferred not to read economic or crop reports - his preferred reading was Psychology Today. So I think it would be fair to say that (whether it was directly done or not) there was some basic trading psychology covered during the training period.

Monday, May 07, 2018

The futility of predictions

Yesterday I had the misfortune to be copied in on an Facebook thread discussing an impending stock market crash, together with an invitation to join the group who were discussing it. 

This post had more than 200 comments from a number of traders covering the intricacies of the current economic climate and their opinions on this - most of which I didn't understand. 

Idly browsing through those comments wasted ten minutes of my life that I couldn't get back. But it did give me the inspiration for this post.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Trend following, robustness and adapting to market conditions

There is a school of thought amongst some traders which says you need to adapt and adjust your chosen method, in response to changes in the market environment. These might relate to the markets you trade switching from a trending to a non-trending state, or from suffering varying levels of volatility. 

Against this, others will say having to go through this process on a regular basis indicates possible over-optimization and a lack of robustness in your method.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Staying in my own circle of competence

Every so often someone contacts me to say they disagree with what I say and my beliefs, that some other successful trader they know of says the opposite to me, or simply to assure me that trend following doesn't work.

Well, I have news for you - and them.

I couldn't care less if your beliefs or methods are different to my own, which are rooted in those of people like Seykota, Dennis, Donchian, Parker, Hite, Livermore and others.