"Learned a lot from the experience, the day went very quick! 

To witness your total focus on "YOUR" system and to trade the signals absolutely by the rules mechanically was very helpful. I learned a lot about my own trading and the areas I need to improve on!"
- Ross, UK

If you are keen to improve your performance as a trader, then why not consider some 1-2-1 training. These sessions focus on the core components that can give you a clear, personal pathway to move forward as a trader.

The 1-2-1 sessions last for several hours and can cover the following:

  • An initial review of where you are, and where you want to get to - we look at your beliefs and goals, talk about your strengths and weaknesses, and how we can work together to improve your performance;
  • A look at the basic maths behind successful trading;
  • An overview of trend following and the basic concepts involved; 
  • Setting up of charts and scans; 
  • Discussions on what to look for in a good trade; 
  • Going through historic chart examples of winning (and losing!) trades to highlight what is a good trade and what to avoid; 
  • Risk management; 
  • Recording your trades and analysing of your results; and last but by no means least
  • Trading psychology and developing the right mindset to move forward. 
The training is given either in the comfort of your own home*, or alternatively via webinar/Skype, so we can go through all topics and any questions you may have, with the aim of gaining confidence in what you are trying to achieve, whether a full or part time trader or investor. There is no set duration, but the aim is that you are 100% comfortable with the advice given, and to have clarity with what you want to achieve (and how you will achieve it) going forward.

This can be particularly useful if you are new to the markets, relatively inexperienced, or even 'lost' with your trading and want a fresh set of eyes to cast a critical (but constructive!) eye over your trading/investment strategy.

NOTE: The 1-2-1 training is now being offered to individuals outside of the UK. The training takes place via webinar/Skype over one or more sessions at times to suit, and covers all the aspects detailed above.

1-2-1 training sessions are priced at £500.

To sign up via Paypal, click here.

Alternatively, you can sign up to the mentoring programme, where you get all of the above, PLUS ongoing support, access to our group chat, reviews of your trading performance, and lots more!

* If in the UK, these can be held face-to-face (me to visit you) at a weekend. Travel / accommodation charges may apply depending on location. If not, or if weekends do not suit, these can be arranged via Skype or 1-2-1 webinar in the evenings or weekends. For people outside the UK, suitable times for Skype/1-2-1 webinars will be arranged to factor in any time difference.