Are you looking to improve your overall trading plan and performance?

Want to become part of a small team of like-minded traders, and learn to incorporate the skills and timeless principles of successful trend followers and Market Wizards into your own trading?

Then being a part of our mentoring group can help aspiring trend followers develop the necessary skills to succeed.

Everything is geared towards putting the building blocks in place to help you achieve long-term success and develop a robust process and mindset.

To achieve as good as performance as possible, considerable time is spent on risk management and trading psychology. Without these two elements in place you will not succeed as a trader, no matter how good your method of defining entries and exits is.

Here is a case study of how one trend follower progressed, and a follow up testimonial from early 2016.

There are many benefits to joining: 
  • Initial review of where you are, and where you want to get to - we look at your beliefs and goals, your strengths and weaknesses, review your previous trading history, and formulate a tailored plan of action to move forward; 
  • Work together to improve your overall trading plan - including reinforcing the elements of good risk control, developing the right mindset and the basics of trend following;
  • 1-2-1 training* - we go through how to scan for potential opportunities, how to identify potential opportunities using scans and interpreting price 'action', as well as the basic maths behind successful trading;
  • Access to the Members-only area – join in the group discussion with other members around trend following, risk and psychology as well as potential set ups and trades, while having accessing to additional resources;
  • Review of trading performance - I conduct periodic reviews of trading logs to identify any potential issues that may arise. This also opens us people to take accountable for their actions and become responsible for their results; 
  • Ongoing email/direct messaging/Skype support – so you can progress in a more private 1-2-1 manner, and raise any queries or questions as you go along;
NOTE: While I will be discussing my own trading, this is NOT designed to be a signal service. The idea is to observe how a trend follower goes about his trading, and to make members of the group self-sufficient and develop their own method of trading and skillset which best suits them and their circumstances.

All these elements have been proven to help traders accelerate their learning, and avoid or eliminate the major mistakes that the majority of traders make. 

Our group members are all individual traders who have a passion to learn and improve their performance. They come from all parts of the globe, with different levels of experience and equity. And everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, and different areas which need improvement, be it in their process, risk control or mindset.

The annual cost of the mentoring is £1,500 for the first year - to sign up via Paypal click here.

Alternatively this can be paid for on a quarterly instalment basis - click here for details.

Discounts are available on request for any additional years, well as for initially signing up for multiple years - please contact me for more.

If you have any questions, or are curious to find out more, please contact me at to arrange a free initial consultation.

* If in the UK, these can be held face-to-face (me to visit you), typically at a weekend. Travel / accommodation charges may apply depending on location. If not, or if weekends do not suit, these can be arranged via Skype or 1-2-1 webinar in the evenings or weekends. For people outside the UK, suitable times for Skype/1-2-1 webinars will be arranged to factor in any time difference.