Below are some of the comments received from other traders and/or investors in respect of training or mentoring services provided, as well as my e-book, The Trading Triangle:

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"I have been trading since 2013. When I first started I consumed EVERYTHING related to technical analysis. I started talking to Steve sometime in 2014 and I also read his Trading Triangle Book. Like most traders in the early years, I faffed around switching between trading systems and time-frames trying to become a millionaire. I suppose one of the main reasons I am still here is because the concept of risk-management and honouring a stop loss was never hard to grasp. So in the early years I never lost any significant sums of money, but I never made any either.

In 2015 I finally committed to Steve's trend following group after reading the book about the 'Turtle traders' and drawing the conclusion that trend following of some kind would be a logical trading system to try and work around my life.

Shortly after joining the group, our family business started to quickly grow and in the period of 2015-2018 I was trading here and there but very inconsistent, and going long periods where I would forget to even open the trading platform due to the insanity of growing the business. 

Towards the end of 2018 I was able to build the habit of trading daily and committing 10-15 minutes each day for scans, placing orders etc. One of the problems which needs to be overcome in order to stick with any trading system, is that you need to have faith that what you are doing WILL lead to a positive equity growth over time (say 5-10 years) while seeing equity decline and lots of small losses. Unfortunately the only way to achieve that faith is to stick with it long enough to see how it works. It's hard to put into words how difficult this is. It may be likened to the concept of holding two contradictory states of mind in equilibrium. This may be the topic for my own book one day :)

It was not until March 2019 that I experienced my first BIG trend and that was Bitcoin which gave me a whopping +21R return. I was so busy with our second son being born that I was prevented from looking at it too frequently. This is actually an important point and I have found throughout the years that often the best trends kick off when you are so busy with other things. Just remember to place your orders! 

Thanks to that trade, plus a few others, my annual return was +41% that year.

Followed by:

2020: -12%

2021: +3.6%

2022: +24%

This past year I have switched my trading to 100% commodities and will be sticking with this for the foreseeable future. 

Being part of Steve's trading group has been excellent - we can chat with other group members and also share charts of interest. However, as Steve has highlighted over the years, this is not a signal service. There have been numerous Skype calls over the years where we've gone through charts in detail over video which have been immensely helpful. I'll be with this group for the rest of my trading life.

The system itself could be any system, as long as it is simple and is based almost exclusively on price. What matters most is your ability to be disciplined with the system, and stay in a trend - "One good trend pays for them all" - Paul, Scotland

"I started my mentorship with Steve about 1.5 years ago. Having traded for about 8 years, I was still struggling with being profitable.

Through my sessions with Steve, I was able to gain a more disciplined approach to trading with a strong focus on trading psychology.

You’ll also gain access to a group of like-minded trend traders within the mentorship program which is really beneficial for your trading as everyone shares the same goal.

This past year has been a gold mine to me when it comes to trading, as I have gained so much valuable experience from how unpredictable markets can behave (Corona, Trump etc.).

However, even though markets were behaving so wild and unpredictable, I was able to achieve a 25 percent profit with the help of Steve and through the focus of sticking to his principles." - Stefan, Germany

"This is the second testimony I have written for Steve, as this is the second time I have entered the mentoring group. After a foray of trying to merge Steve’s approach with fundamental-based research that I learned from my own investment background, I now understand why Steve’s simple, yet highly effective way of doing things is successful.

It removes the b/s and gets to the heart of the issue of good trading. Clear rules, clear risk management and attention to your own psychology.

Steve is a kind and understanding mentor who also understands when to give you a nudge when required. Having someone to bounce ideas off and answer questions is so important in this field. Especially, someone with the knowledge and experience Steve has in trend following equities. 

Its clear trend following has become a lifestyle to him and not merely a trading style. For anyone interested in this specific field of trading, I could not recommend anyone else." - Stephen, Suffolk, UK

"I just wanted to say thank you for all the guidance and sources of new information you’ve shown me over the last two years. I’ve made a modest return but that disguises a lot of important lessons that I’ve had to learn this year.

Never have I had such an understanding of my own edge in the market. This intimate understanding of my edge has given me a unique confidence in my process which I continue to take forward.

The ideas generated from our sessions and chats, never cease to amaze me. They take me to many areas of improvement I hadn’t fully considered or hadn’t considered at all!

The session last weekend has to have been the best one we’ve had to date. I don’t want to bore you with all the research I plan to be doing, but there’s literally months of research work to look at."
- Craig, London

“I have been in the Steve’s mentoring programme for just over 4 years. Quite simply: as a result of his fantastic mentorship my trading has completely evolved and ultimately become consistently profitable.

Regardless of the trend following method used, I have learnt the importance of psychology and risk control and that they are and will remain paramount to profitable trading.

This is all testimony to Steve’s ability and hard-work as a mentor. Not only in discussing the mechanics of any particular system, but more importantly a more fundamental understanding of what makes successful traders tick and how any individual can seek to replicate it.

Steve has shown a consistent commitment to my development. He will openly endeavour to reinforce the importance of consistency, discipline, patience and risk control. Continued support, conversations, twitter updates and a willingness to answer any questions reinforces Steve’s commitment to his mentees.

I would recommend the programme to anyone who wants to learn the skills, methods and discipline to take money out of the markets.”
- Mark, London

"I have been developing automated trading systems, in my spare time and then later part-time, for over 10 years and have been actively trading equities for significant periods within that period. I’ve never had a trading mentor until now.

Even though I was fairly happy with my trading process at the time, I knew that tweaks and improvements could be made, particularly in the area of risk management, where my system was particularly prone to making uncomfortably large drawdowns (30%-40%).

From our initial correspondence about 5 months ago, I found Steve extremely responsive to queries I had about trading method and risk management. Our entry methods are different but we’re both trend-followers in essence, and I knew pretty early on that I could benefit from his mentorship, particularly in risk management.

It’s now been 3 months since I joined the mentoring programme. The tweaks to my system that I have implemented as a direct result of Steve’s insight has already comfortably paid for the annual mentoring!

My goals for what I wanted out of the year have also already been met (and exceeded in places). My risk management skills have reached a new level of competence. Take December 2015 for example. This was a pretty choppy month for equities. I had 8 trades during December (7 losers and 1 winner), yet remarkably because of the risk management techniques I now employ, I still ended up with a +0.2R profit.

Also something else happened, which I did not really think about much or expect. My psychological state of mind has also improved since joining the mentoring programme.

I can honestly say that I have never felt so serene about my trading process and where I am at in my life, in all the years I have been trading. Even though my system is fully automated, I am still human and I can say that having such a serene state of mind is beneficial for life in general.

How has this happened? The application of new risk management techniques has definitely helped. But I think belonging to a trading community, has given me a new perspective on my trading. It’s given me raw experience of what others are going through on a day-to-day basis, through up days and down days. It’s made me appreciate my own edge on the markets more, and just generally given me even more confidence in my whole trading process.

The market conditions in equities for the last 3 to 5 months (September 2015 – January 2016) have not been great for trend-following in general. But in terms of my trading process, the last 5 months have been game-changing for me. I look forward to the rest of the year!"
- Craig, London

"I approached Steve because I wanted to advance my trading knowledge and wanted that process accelerated. Steve helped me initially in his 1-2-1 tuition on how to trade his system and addressed any concerns I had from the beginning which gave me great confidence from the start. His weekly webinars also provided invaluable assistance.

One of Steve’s great strengths is communication - responses were always very swift and very thorough. And Steve often checked in on me unprompted to assess my progress.

Without question, my confidence in my trading ability has significantly progressed over the last 12 months due to the psychological lessons and respect of risk instilled by Steve along with the motivational blogs/tweets (which for me personally was very important in order to maintain focus).

Overall I would highly recommend Steve as a mentor to anyone wanting to speed the learning process of trading. Thanks Steve !"
- Donal, London

"It's been a great 2 years and I have learned A LOT from you. However I believe it's time for me to trade solo. I want to say thanks for everything to date. I genuinely believe that trading will one day become a full time occupation for me thanks to you.

You have given me the inspiration and proof that trend following is profitable over a long period of time. You have also pointed me in the right direction in regards to trading psychology and given me a system that I have modified to suit my personalty. I will also continue to enjoy reading your blog posts."
- Arun, London

"Wow a year has past already! Thanks a lot Steve for the past 12 months, whilst I have a long way to go it has given me an excellent grounding of what I need to do/become as a trader. If your intention with the program is to teach traders to fish I think I'm well on my way and and good to continue on my own now (I hope!).

I really appreciate all the work you've put into the program, and the assistance you've given me and the rest of the group. It is especially great to chat with the others on twitter.

I haven't been trading much the past few weeks, there hasn't been that many great setups & been a bit distracted so happy to stand aside. That being said barring any major f*ck ups on my part I've had a great 12 months!

Thanks again Steve and best of luck with everything."
- Daniel, Australia

"I am not based in the UK but was in the country recently for a vacation. I am a trader/portfolio manager based in Africa but still love to network with traders all over the world - as they say - you never grow old if you keep learning!

I had been following Steve on twitter and reached out to him to meet up when I came in the country for vacation. Boom! In less than 24 hours he replied! After a few emails, we arranged a date and I prepared a list of questions to ask him.

Steve graciously met me near where I was staying in the UK and we had a wonderful discussion. He discussed my trading style with me, answered all my questions and suggested new additions that could help the risk:reward ratio of my trades in order to improve my overall P&L.

It was great discussion with a lot of market insights and tales (many of which make me chuckle as I write this post). His blunt and disciplined approach to the markets struck me as well.

I learned a lot from Steve and I am currently incorporating them into my trading approach. I will not be trading exactly the system Steve uses (oops sorry Steve!) but our ideologies behind our trading systems are the same.

Lastly, I have had cause to ask Steve to do some things on my behalf and he has always responded swiftly. Thank you Steve - more grease to your elbow!"
- Fisayo, Nigeria

"It has been just over a month since I joined the mentoring program and the benefits of doing so are really starting to shine through. Steve’s focus on self and risk management set him apart from the other market educators out there and was the main reason for me joining the group.

Once you realise that getting to grips in these two areas are the key to success you are most definitely on the right track. Recently we had our one-to-one meeting and this proved invaluable with many light bulb type monuments. However, beyond this and far more importantly, the ongoing support that Steve provides is clearly going to be an asset to my trading. His prompt email responses and can-do attitude make you feel like no question is too stupid or indeed, too much."
- Stephen, Suffolk

"August 2014 marks the end of my years mentoring from Steve. I’m happy to say that I have ended the year in profit. Look at a chart for the FTSE 100 for the period Aug 2013-Aug 14 and you’ll see its not been a great year for following the trend. Profits for the period are only small but profits they are. I’m sure that without the guidance Steve has provided via the mentoring programme over the last 12 months things would be looking a little more grim for my trading account.

Over the last 12 months, I’ve learned so much by watching Steve trade his system. Patience, discipline, mindset, money management, you read about this stuff in all the trading books but to witness it first hand is truly invaluable. All in all, a great experience, thanks Steve."
- Rob, Wales

"There is a well-known statistic in the brokerage world: 90/90/90.

90% of new traders lose 90% of their equity with 90 days of starting to trade.

The reasons are many and varied but in principle it is because they do the precise opposite of the three principles of Steve’s system. They do not have a robust stock selection process, they have no idea of risk management and lastly are ill prepared for the effect that their own emotions will have on their trading decisions.

The entire world loves a good cookery show so here’s an analogy. The three key ingredients for a decent cake have to be both present and in the right proportion to produce a great result, otherwise the outcome can be a disaster.So it is with trading, you have to have everything in balance to be able to produce the results you want.

I came from a more fundamental analysis background but have found the trend following style a far better fit with the fact that I also work full time.

What Steve offers with his mentoring programme is invaluable. Being able to draw on his experience of going through several different market phases, having access to his opinion on a daily basis is everything the inexperienced investor needs. The e-book and his blog is a great place to start but for anyone seriously wanting to be competent at trading on their own I have to recommend the mentoring programme.

I came across Steve’s website a couple of years ago: while I thought it was interesting I didn’t sign up but continued doing more research into the different styles of investing. Having done so I can honestly say that I’m now sure this is the style for me – and I wish I’d signed up two years ago!" David, Hampshire, UK

“I started out “trading” in the summer of 2010. I wanted to be rich and I wanted it yesterday. So I jumped on the internet and bought a holy grail trading system. I felt I was going to make millions and if I didn’t I’d at least make a few hundred thousand.

To do this, I was going to be clever - I was going to learn from someone who was making money regularly from the markets so I signed up to his weekend trading course. I learned about candlestick patterns and moving averages and by Monday morning I was ready! George Soros made a billion dollars by trading forex, I just wanted to make a small percentage of that, I mean how hard could it be?

I had all the knowledge I needed and all I had to do the following Monday was setup an account, put in £200 into my trading pot, load up the charts, put in a bet of £1 per point and make £5! But hey if I compounded my pot and keep doing this for the rest of the year my pot will be around £70,000 and the icing on the cake?... this would all be tax free.

Within 2 weeks my £200 was worth £0. So I put together another £200 trading pot, and another and another but with the same results. How could this be? This must surely be down to a dodgy trading system! So I bought another system and another and another…

After a year I realised I was missing something. I started paying £200 per hour to a European trader to teach me how to “trade the Forex like a pro”. After a few sessions I eventually lost interest and ended up putting trading to one side. Maybe trading just wasn’t for me I was asking myself?

Last year I started working at an energy company where I came across a guy who traded the markets. Naturally we hit it off straight away, talking about the markets on every occasion possible. On one of the days he had bought in his laptop. Loaded up was his current trading positions. I was shocked! I wondered how on earth did this guy time his entries so well? Not only that but all of his 10+ positions he had open were in the positive! That’s when I came to the easy conclusion - I was doing something wrong and he was doing something right!

Thanks to my friend at work I left forex trading and was introduced to www.thetrendfollower.com. I read through the blog and dropped the owner Steve an email and received a response back the same day. I wanted to learn trading but I wanted to learn it the right way, from the right person. After a few emails back and forth I arranged Steve to come over to my house and show me how to become a successful trader. But I was still sceptical. Having previous mentors (more than one) I didn’t hold my breath but did have a level of expectation. I was not disappointed! In the 6 hours Steve spent with me he answered every single question that I asked and happily went at a pace that I was comfortable with. Not only does know his stuff he is also a good guy.

Fast forward a few months and I’ve learned so much from Steve’s mentoring which would have taken me years to acquire. I now trade a system that has a positive expectancy. Gone are the days where I risk 25 points in the hope to achieving just 5. Steve has showed me how I to cut my losses and let my profits run and just in the month of January this year my open profits were 30% of my trading capital.

Steve’s taught me how to identify high probability trades and now I take fewer trades but have more success. After initially starting off with a small trading account I decided I wanted to trade bigger a size so I upped my trading account 20 fold which had a huge psychological impact to my trading. Steve was quick to identify the correct pot size that I was comfortable with. This allowed me to concentrate on the process. Now money is secondary to my trading and I let the compounding of my equity take care of itself.

Steve has given me all the tools I need in my trading tool box to allow me to trade successfully. To me, trading is 70% psychology and 30% system – Steve has provided me with both but the psychological aspect of his mentoring program has been the game changer. I am now able to trade a 5 figure size pot with less fear than I was trading forex with a 3 figure pot. Most importantly I am trading profitably. I believe Steve’s mentoring program offers excellent value for money – my trading profits have already paid for it.

Thanks mate!” - Arun, London, UK

“I had been looking for a trend trading system that had specific entry and exit criteria as well as good screening tools. I researched a few systems however the results on demo accounts did not leave me feeling confident as a I felt that the entry criteria were too subjective. After further research I came across Steve’s e-book and I felt that the system provided the clear and objective approach I was looking for. The detailed profit results published on the website provide further evidence that this was a workable system, which is important for newbies looking to avoid the numerous scams on the internet suggesting that large profits are easy to attain.

I subsequently joined the mentoring program because I believe that while literature can introduce you to a trading system, you need a mentor to guide you through the many variations in stock setups that appear to be trending but which are not. In addition, your mentor will guide you in not taking or missing trades out of greed or fear and how to manage your risk exposure. These are skills I tried to develop on my own without a mentor, but like many other newbies this led to losses.

I was able to ask Steve as many questions as I wanted, with responses always within 12-24 hours.

This included plenty of questions relating to setups, stock screeners, how to manage my risk exposure, discussions on whether a stock looks like it was about to trend and when to exit a trade. The twitter forum also provides good trading ideas and perspectives from other advanced traders where I could ask more questions and broaden my knowledge. Steve puts in a great deal of effort into providing ongoing, timely support to his students and has a trading system that when applied correctly leads to results."
 - Alex, Switzerland

"I’ve been trading full time for about 2 years and came across Steve by accident whilst following a trading trend on twitter. Having always been more of a Warren Buffett than a 5 minute trader trend following had always interested me. I made money trading the FTSE and the S&P500, but tended to take short term trades so never broke the bank. Thankfully I learned early on that most trading indicators don’t work and are basically useless. The only one that works is price, that never lies.

About 8 months ago I downloaded the ‘Trading Triangle’ and put the system to the test (probably at the worst time for trend following), and could see early on it worked for me. At the end of Sept last year I signed up with Steve’s mentoring programme for 1 year. My background is geology and it is fair to say that analysing and interpreting charts comes second nature to me, so spotting setups I find relatively easy. Then why do you need a mentor I hear you ask ?

Over the past 2 years trading it doesn’t take long to realise that you can be an expert at entering trades and never make a lot of money. Trading is so much more than simply placing trades, the hard part is the psychological aspects of trade management. As yet another trade you exited due to fear carries on upwards you remember the immortal words‘ you never go broke taking a profit’. I’ve got some news for you, you will.

Steve has helped with many things, amongst them managing risk, trade sizing, and not being scared to take a small loss. Letting winners run is my biggest challenge and I’m hoping to nail that skill before this year is out.

The secret to trading is knowing yourself, and realising that every decision you make is down to the person staring back at you in the mirror every morning. The markets aren’t out to get anybody just jump on and enjoy the ride."
 - Chris, UK

"First off, I always wondered whether testimonials posted on websites are genuine or, conversely, artificial constructions designed merely to sell a product or make a quick buck. As I find myself writing one here I am confident that all those who have benefited from Steve's wisdom and trend following mentoring feel as fortunate as I do to have come across Steve's site.

Aside from the simplicity and quantifiable returns of Steve's trading system which speak for themselves, I have been most impressed and grateful for Steve's constant attention to detail, his patience, and his willingness to engage to help clarify issues as I aim to become a better and more well-informed trader. No question I have posed to Steve has been too remedial to warrant his time and detailed response. In view of my nascent trading stage, the confidence that Steve instills in both application of the trading methodology and the ability to reach out to him as issues or concerns arise has been of great comfort. I am confident that I am on the way to becoming a better and profitable trader and I know that Steve has played, and will continue to play, a material role in that process.

Thank you Steve for all your time and attention, and I look forward to the day in the profitable future when we will grab another beverage in a nice hotel lounge and reflect on these 'early days' in my trading journey."
  - Raman, Geneva, Switzerland

"I've been with Steve for over a year now. I believe that having a mentor is key to becoming one of the 10% of traders that continue to make money. Its not just about being given the tools to see what to buy and what to sell, its learning the process so that it all goes together. Mindset plays a huge role in trading - having a plan is not enough, you need to have the right mindset. The mentor is there to guide you and almost reassure you through tough times that you are trading correctly but where the conditions are not right. Equally, he is there to ground you when things are good and you might be taking sub-optimal trades!

I had been trading for several years prior to meeting Steve but in the last year he has helped me with the psychology of how it all goes together. The fact I made just under 100% within the year I had a mentor is only very minor in comparison to the knowledge I have gained." -
Chris, Hampshire

"After trading many different systems long term, short term, swing trading, options, commodities and Forex it has taken me quite awhile to work out there is no Holy Grail! The closest thing that suits my trading personality is Trend Following with good money management and risk control.

Finding Steve’s website “TheTrendFollower” cemented in my mind that I was on the right path. Steve’s e-book “The Trading Triangle” sets out all the trading rules, position sizing and risk management for a successful system. You need patience, discipline and the right mindset to become profitable in the market and the mentoring programme keeps you on the right track.

Steve is down to earth, passionate and a genuine nice guy who is a very knowledgeable Trend Follower. His mentoring programme is full of like-minded traders all striving to achieve the same goal…Profit! Highly Recommended."
- Richie, Sydney, Australia

"Just spent 6 hours 1 to 1 with Steve in front of the PC. The system is much clearer and manageable now everything has been set up and explained. Numerous successful trades, and some lost and missed ones, were analysed and explained along with my numerous questions. With my limited computer knowledge I could not have set up the charts myself. Everything from risk to entry to stops makes sense.

Time to go live!!"
- Paul, Lincolnshire, UK

"Just reading back over my notes after yesterday's marathon 1-2-1 session with Steve and I'm convinced that I made the right decision signing up for his mentoring programme. I had read the e-book but Steve helped clarify one or two issues I was struggling with and being able to work through the scans with his input was invaluable. I'd highly recommend this programme to any budding trend followers who are looking to take the next step in their trading journey." - Keith, London, UK

“I was delighted to find Steve's website, similar to the trading style I was pursuing- trend following with stocks. Reading through the site I soon realized this was a great "resource" and particularly appreciated Steve's blog, especially his reminders (often when the markets are going through a volatile time) of the basics and principles of trading and the need sometimes to step back and look at the longer term charts.

I did not hesitate to buy his e-book The Trading Triangle and can thoroughly recommend it! Buying this e-book is a great opportunity to view the system, strategy and mindset of a successful trader.

Some weeks after buying the e-book Steve sent me an "Addendum" to the book via email, which to me, shows his integrity and commitment to his customers, unlike so many on the internet!

Everything you will need to be a successful trader is in the e-book: money/risk and self management along with the nuts and bolts of Steve's "system", which he actually trades himself with very impressive results.

Also everything you do not need is left out, keeping things clear and to the point and written in an easy to read style.

Steve has obviously put in a lot of hard work and discipline to achieve this and generously offers to share this along with his other services at a very reasonable cost! Great Value!

For this I thank you Steve.EXCELLENT. I look forward to the 1-2-1 training we have arranged !"
- Ross, Surrey, UK

"Having just completed my first year on the mentoring program, I am happy to say the I have renewed for a second year without hesitation. Put bluntly for anyone looking to make money out of the markets I highly recommend you contact Trader Steve.

Regarding the system itself, I have always been impressed at its simplicity and ability to catch trends in stocks, indices and commodities . However as is the way with trend following most of the battle to make money in the markets comes from the demons within rather than the technicalities of when to buy and sell. This is when having a mentor like Steve really pays dividends (or maybe I should say capital gains :) )

Having Steve to talk to not only helps in detailing the current state of the indices and individual shares but more importantly someone to confide in when things are not going your way or are working for you. Steve has very much been there and done that so knows the physiological turmoils faced by a new trader.

This is not to say his continued efforts to enhance or improve the original system are neglected. Earlier this year Steve published an addendum to the system to help better control and limit losses when a trade doesn't go your way. This continued commitment is reflected by Steve's willingness to publish this addendum to all out-standing holders of the Trading Triangle without question.

Trader Steve's continued support, willingness to help, frequent twitter updates and useful commentary have been of great help during the last year. Happily signing up to a second year of mentoring is testament to this."
 - Mark, Lincolnshire, UK

"The Trading Triangle and follow up addendum are a thorough explanation of a simple system that works for trading. I truly appreciate the simplicity that Steve laid out and his willingness to share so much of his hard work. Steve has taken tried and true methods of trend trading and compiled them to create an impressive system. I came to "thetrendfollower.com" blog after reading about Nicolas Darvas. Quickly I reread about the Turtles and discovered Richard Donchian. I have yet to see such a simple system that works so well! Thanks for your efforts Steve." - J
ake, US

"Happy I stumbled onto Steve's blog because it truly convinced me about applying trend following on stocks. The passion and knowledge Steve breathes about trading in general and trend following in special is simply great! One of the things I like most about Steve is his transparancy. No secrets here. Steve trades his own system and you can learn from the master himself. That sounds like a pretty fair deal to me..

About the Trading Triangle. The title makes that much sense. The book explains in three major topics (hence the trading triangle) how to trade stocks with a sound trend following approach. Short and to the point, no unnecessary things (this is a great quality). Trend following in a beautiful and pure form adjusted to suit the stock markets.

The book covers all aspects but because I'm not an experienced trader I'm going to attend the mentoring programme. Will let you know my experience in the near future.

Regards and all the best!"
 - William, Netherlands

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