Wanting to get a head start in your trading?

Want to become part of a team of like-minded traders, and learn the skills and timeless principles of successful traders and Market Wizards?

Then come and join our mentoring group.

Everything is geared towards putting the building blocks in place to help you achieve long-term success and develop a robust process and mindset.

To achieve as good as performance as possible, considerable time is spent on risk management and trading psychology. Without these two elements in place you will not succeed as a trader, no matter how good your method of defining entries and exits is.

These principles are not confined to just trend following (my own preferred method of trading). If you have read the Market Wizards series of books, there are plenty of different styles and timeframes that can be used to generate positive returns. So the mentoring can easily be adapted to help you, whatever your own style or method.

As an example, here is how I was able to to help a day trader improve his performance.

Here is a case study of how one trend follower progressed, and a follow up testimonial from early 2016.

There are many benefits to joining: 
  • Initial 1-2-1 review of where you are, and where you want to get to - we look at your beliefs and goals, your strengths and weaknesses, your previous trading history, and how we can work together to improve your performance, as well as learning or reinforcing the elements of good risk control, developing the right mindset and the basics of trend following;
  • 1-2-1 training* - related to either trend following, or your preferred style of trading, we look at the issues holding you back in conjunction with risk management, psychology and the basic maths behind successful trading;
  • Access to the Members-only twitter feed** – so you are able to interact with our group of like-minded traders; 
  • Access to watchlist of potential setups and other resources – so you can see what stocks my own method is identifying, and what I am looking to trade myself; 
  • Regular group webinars – where you can join in with a group environment and discuss current trades and setups, the markets, trading and trend following and all the surrounding issues; 
  • Review of trading performance - I conduct reviews of trading logs to identify any potential issues that may arise; 
  • Ongoing email/Skype support – so you can progress in a more private 1-2-1 manner, and raise any queries or questions as you go along. 
These elements have been proven to help traders accelerate their learning, and avoid or eliminate the major mistakes that the majority of traders make. 

Our group members are all individual traders who have a passion to learn and improve their performance. They come from all parts of the globe, with different levels of experience and equity.

The current cost of the mentoring is £1,000 for the first year.

Discounts are available for any additional years.

If you have any questions, or are curious to find out more, please contact me at to arrange a free initial consultation.

* If in the UK, these can be held face-to-face (me to visit you) at a weekend. Travel charges may apply depending on location. If not, or if weekends do not suit, these can be arranged via Skype or 1-2-1 webinar in the evenings or weekends. For people outside the UK, suitable times for Skype/1-2-1 webinars will be arranged to factor in any time difference.

** Here, you also see the entry and initial stop placement levels given on my own stop or market orders in real-time. These trades are all recorded on the performance and metrics page of the blog.