I started trading in 2003 and have been a die-hard trend follower since 2006. So I have seen and experienced both the uptrends of more recent years, the market downtrend and volatility in 2008, as well as navigating my way though the market turmoil in early 2020 - and have been able to profit over the long haul.

As a result of this, I was first approached by a frustrated trader to provide 1-2-1 training in early 2011, and from there this has developed to where I have been able to help others either by giving similar training sessions, or by taking this a stage further and providing longer-term mentoring and support. Some of the testimonials received are shown here.

If you have the desire and commitment to develop or improve your trend following approach and mindset, I can help guide you on the right path towards achieving those goals:


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