I'm often asked who my own trading 'mentors' or influences have been on my own trading journey. This is an ongoing process, as you are always learning and developing your own skill set.

However, those who have formed a major part of my development are listed below. I'm mindful that I may have omitted some of those who have influenced me over the years - apologies to anyone I have missed out.

In terms of the basic concept of trend following and my own method for entering and exiting the markets:
  • Richard Donchian (known as the grandfather of trend following);
  • Richard Dennis, William Eckhardt and the group of traders known as the Turtles;
  • Larry Hite and Ed Seykota (trend followers who were both profiled in the original Market Wizards book);
  • Market Wizard David Ryan (from where the idea for my own stop methodology came from).
I originally came across these trading legends from the books of Jack Schwager (@jackschwager) and Michael Covel (@covel).

Other traders and Market Wizards that have been particularly influential include:

Jesse Livermore;
Marty Schwartz;
Paul Tudor Jones;
Stan Weinstein;
Thomas Stridsman.

I frequently refer back to the writings of these individuals, and often bring them up in conversation (as do many other traders). A lot of their words have become clich├ęs, but that is because they work and have stood the test of time!

In terms of risk control, position sizing, evaluating risk and reward, and the basic maths behind successful trading, the work of Van Tharp has been hugely influential.

It is my belief that having good risk control and developing the right mindset are closely intertwined, and essential ingredients in achieving long-term success. In terms of obtaining the correct mindset and emotional control, the following sources have been invaluable:

Van Tharp;
Charles Faulkner;
Ari Kiev;
Adrienne Toghraie;
Mark Douglas;
Steve Ward;
Brett Steenbarger - @steenbab.

There are many parallels between trading and sport, that are applicable to both. I used to play golf to a reasonable standard, and the writings of Dr Bob Rotella (who I later found out had also written a book on trading!) greatly helped me.

On my twitter profile @uktrendfollower, I follow relatively few people. Those who I do have to have similar beliefs about the markets and the style of trading that I follow, or are a valuable resource from a psychological point of view. I do not want to have conflicting beliefs which may affect my own mindset. If they don't add value, then I won't follow. Some of the best that I follow include:

Larry Tentarelli - @LMT978;
Tom Basso - @basso_tom
Richard Brennan - @RichB118
Michael Melissinos - @mmelissinos
Neils Kaastrup-Larsen at Top Traders Live - @TopTradersLive.

And last but not least, former Turtle trader and Head of Chesapeake Capital, Jerry Parker - @rjparkerjr09

I've been fortunate enough to be able to correspond with some of the above who have also helped to crystallise or clarify some of my own thoughts and beliefs.

I have also learned hugely from the individual traders who I have met, and been able to pass on my own experiences through the training and mentoring services I offer. These cover the spectrum of trading 'newbies' through to more experienced traders, all on their own quest towards success.

Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. Not only has assisting these traders helped clarify my own understanding of the psychology of trading, it has helped develop my own communication skills and understanding of how to help other traders respond and improve. It has also been hugely enjoyable!

Finally, I have learned (and continue to learn) from all the traders and investors who make up the sum total of all buyers and sellers - the markets themselves. It is one thing to learn all the theory, and another to put it all into practice with real money on the line.

All these people and sources have helped me formulate my own thoughts, beliefs and concepts relating to trading and my own 'method'. I am grateful to each and every one of you.

Thank you.