Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Getting balance in your life

Trading can quickly become such an engrossing activity, that it can take over your whole life.

One trader I follow on Twitter is @SunriseTrader. His bio talks of trading 'in a state of grace'. This becomes very apparent in his tweets. They are extremely clear and concise. It goes without saying that he talks about sticking to your plan, as well as using good risk control.

In addition, you can guarantee that he will remind everyone to get some fresh air, do some exercise, and to take some time away from the screen. To me, he is an ideal example of keeping his life in balance. This can only help your overall sense of well-being, your health and family happiness, as well as performance in your trading.

Following him has made me realise that my life is out of balance. I've got no excuses here. My young son is starting to take an interest in a number of sports. My wife deserves more attention and affection. I'm nowhere near as fit or healthy as I used to be, or want to be. A fit body is a fit mind. Better time management is required. Time to make some changes...

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