Friday, August 14, 2015

Chat with Traders podcast - the boy's done good!

Some of you might have heard of of Chat with Traders, a podcast series run by a guy named Aaron Fifield in Australia.

So far he has been able to interview people such as Tom Basso, Jack Schwager, Steve Burns and Nick Radge amongst others.

These type of podcasts are a great resource from which to learn and get inspiration from.

The latest in the series (Episode 33) was with Chris Sayce, who is an equities trader based on the South Coast here in England.

Chris is a guy I mentored a couple of years back, and he talked about what he learned from that process as part of the interview.

His own testimonial from back then was posted on the blog here.

While Chris had a lot of knowledge (and his collection of trading books dwarfs my own!) it wasn’t until we got together that he really began hitting his stride. Initially he attempted to mimic my own trading method, before he reverted back to his ‘own’ style, but now armed with the necessary risk control and mindset. And while I was able to help and advise, he was the one who was prepared to put the work in, and since then he has been able to reap the rewards.

As we can see from reading the Market Wizards series of books, each successful trader has their own style and method, unique to them, which gives them the opportunity to make money. However, they all have the common characteristics of good risk control, allied to having developed the correct mindset. While using an approach with an edge is certainly required, the method of determining entries and exits is arguably the least important part of their success.

Hearing Chris’s interview and his trading journey may hopefully inspire you to keep working (particularly on those two elements) which can help you achieve your goals.

The interview is here.

Good listening!

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