Sunday, August 04, 2013

Performance update - what a month!

Last week I was on holiday, and I tried (unsuccessfully) to limit my time watching the markets, corresponding with other traders etc and enjoy the weather. As far as trading activity was concerned, all I did was update stops on any existing positions as per my system rules.

What I've been looking at most of last week

The video review I posted at the end of June 2013 showed the performance for the preceding year was +156%. The updated figures here show that, within a month, this has now increased by a further 100%. Why the huge increase? Well, there are a couple of factors:
  • I've managed to get into some trades where decent trends have developed - therefore it has been a question of updating stops as required, and waiting for those stops to take me out of the position;
  • In the year to June 2013 I was too lightly invested for big chunks of the year. I talked about this in the video, and made a commitment to have a higher level of participation within the markets, without exceeding my pre-determined position and risk limits.
With the second point, the new scans developed to identify good setups before they breakout have undoubtedly helped both myself and the other members of the mentoring programme achieve this.

Other than that, it has been good old trend following, pure and simple. No new tweaks to the system, just concentrating on sticking to my entry and exit rules, with good risk control. Sure, there have still been losing trades in the last month, but as usual those losses were cut very short.

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