Sunday, July 28, 2013

Don't throw your money away - make your best ever trade today!

It is a strange, but true, fact that a lot of inexperienced traders jump from system to system, searching for some holy grail. They willingly pay out hundreds if not thousands of pounds or dollars, signing up to one or more systems, or end up losing at least as much in actual trading losses incurred.

They do this without doing their homework and determining before they start what sort of trader they want to be, as well as how much time they are prepared to sit in front of a computer screen a week. In a lot of cases, these systems are 'black boxes', without the rules fully disclosed.

On the other hand, there are plenty of people who go along to 'free' seminars that act as a hook, before being subjected to a hard sell to sign up for expensive training courses. If they do sign up, they end up getting little (if any) ongoing support, as well as being saddled with a poorly constructed or 'curve fit' system. 

In a lot of these cases, the system rules are not even fully disclosed, or are left to your own discretion, or you are relying on entry signals given to you by another party (but not necessarily the exit signals!).

These people are unwilling to pay for proper training and ongoing support, yet are prepared to lose much more by approaching the markets in a haphazard manner.

Both categories of people further compound the problem by risking too much of their cash, too quickly, lured in by the promise of easy riches.

Is it any surprise that the majority of individual traders end up losing?

One thing I have prided myself on since starting this blog several years ago is being able to fully disclose my system rules in such a way that everyone can understand, and be able to follow in a disciplined, unemotional fashion. 

Just as important, I always make myself available to discuss not only the nuts and bolts of the system, but also individual trades, potential set ups, as well as dealing with the psychological slings and arrows that the markets throw at us.

I also have a clear commitment to provide free of charge any updates should my training rules change, to anyone who has previously had 1-2-1 training or purchased my e-book. Some so-called gurus release supposed "new, improved" systems on a regular basis, and want to charge full price every time! I do not do this. What you get is what I trade, and produces these results.

The last few weeks have been very profitable to the small group of traders I mentor. We post up our own trades in real time, discuss set ups using our customs scans, as well as talk about the markets and trend following in general, on our private twitter feed. 

All of the people who have signed up have full time jobs or other working commitments, yet the system allows them to participate fully in the markets while taking a matter of minutes a day to operate the system. We are all working towards a common goal.

There is a catch. In order to access all this you need to sign up to the mentoring programme. Why is this?
  • So that you fully understand the methodology of the system;
  • To ensure that only traders fully committed to learning and profiting from a trend following system have access;
  • So that all members of the feed can easily discuss particular set ups etc, as part of a support network among like minded traders;
  • I don't want people signing up on a whim who will drop the system when losses occur (as can happen with any system), as it won't do you any good in the long run;
  • I don't want people signing up and profiting from the hard work and commitment by others (not just me, but the others who have previously signed up) by simply following any trade signals given out. Again, following other peoples trades without knowing the full rules won't do you any good in the longer-term.
I would also say that the training and mentoring services that I offer cost only 10%-20% of the prices of some of the 'hard sell' seminars and services out there. Click here for some of the testimonials I have received, not only for my e-book or training/mentoring, but also the ongoing support I provide.

The returns generated prove that, over a relatively short period of time, you can make significantly more than the cost of signing up.

Trend following is considered among the mainstream as 'old hat' and went out of fashion a long time ago. However, the truth is that trend following is the hardiest, most robust method there is to generate profits in the markets. It won't make you a millionaire by this time next week, but learning such a method will give you the tools to profit from markets going forward, both in up and down markets.

So, if you are interested in joining our small group of committed traders, then sign up to the mentoring programme today!

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