So you're interested in learning more about the mentoring programme, what is covered and how you can benefit. I've put together this list of questions and answers based on the type of enquiries I receive.

What is the aim of the programme?

The purpose of the programme is to assist you in becoming proficient at using the basic method explained in the e-book, along with developing good risk control and the right mindset. The members all have access to the same information and we encourage everyone to work together as a team. We are all working towards a common goal - profit! In my case, I aim to impart my own knowledge and experience to help you achieve these goals and act as a sounding board for your queries and concerns. As the old proverb goes:

"Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime".

Who is in the programme?

Currently there are traders from the UK, US and Canada, mainland Europe, South America and Australia in the programme.

What markets do you trade?

We trade primarily UK, US and European equities. Occasionally a position may be taken in a commodity or ETF, or major forex pair.

Do I need a certain amount of trading equity to join?

No - the traders I am mentoring, or who I have given 1-2-1 training to, have had equity from as little as £1,000 up to more than £400,000. Please note that the majority of members use spreadbetting or CFD's (These products are not available in the US). The leverage afforded with these methods means that those with smaller capital levels can participate, however this places even greater reliance on good risk control.

Ok, I'm interested in signing up - whats the process?

Once I have received notification of payment, you will receive an invitiation to join the members twitter feed and to a separate resources area - this is where you can access a copy of my e-book The Trading Triangle and the addendum which details the basic system we use. You will also receive a spreadsheet where you can record your own trades - keeping this up to date is an important part of your trading routine and will form the basis of my review of your trading performance as the year progresses.

What happens then?

I recommend that all new members start off by going through the members Twitter feed. This details all my own trades taken in real time, stocks that I am watching etc, as well as those posted by other members. Then you can go and refer back to the charts at that time, as well as the e-book, and see what we were seeing, which made us open the position or add it to a watchlist to follow. There is a lot of information on the private feed, including discussion on why some set ups were not traded. Some of this information may lead to an 'A-ha!' moment or two, or answer some of your initial questions regarding the system.

An ever increasing amount of time is spent discussing risk management as well as trading psychology and your own mindset. Without these important components, you could have the best system ever created but you will still end up losing - guaranteed!

After a couple of weeks or so, then the 1-2-1 training can be arranged - this can be done either face-to-face (if in the UK) or via webinar, and can last several hours. It is structured in this manner as, by accessing the members twitter feed and other member resources, a lot of your initial questions may be answered. However, in their place you may have a new set of questions! Doing it in this order allows the 1-2-1 training to be as effective and efficient as possible.

I encourage full participation and discussion with myself and the other members, as I believe dealing with issues, identifying set ups etc., can accelerate everyone's learning. It is important you understand why we trade the way we do.

Of course, full ongoing email support is available from day one.

Can I achieve performance similar to that shown on the blog?

Yes. Trend following as a concept is proven to work over many decades, and follows the principles of letting winning trades run, and cutting losing trades quickly. Dependent on your own home/work/family commitments, people vary the length of trends they are looking to capture. Some people in the group have gravitated to longer-term parameters than my own, others have looked to profit from shorter-term trends. Still others have run more than one trend following method, designed to capture differing lengths of trends. Regardless of this, the underlying principles remain the same.

Past performance does not guarantee future results.

What else do you talk about on the twitter feed?

I also post daily talk about the current market conditions, alerts for possible economic releases that may impact on the general markets, along with any other issues surrounding trading or trend following such as risk, psychology, as well as specific advice on existing trades or new set ups, initial and trailing stop placement etc. Any new developments will also be discussed and released first to the members of the programme.

I have a record of my trades - can you review it for me?

Yes. Members email me a spreadsheet detailing their trades (a template is provided), which I then go through, reviewing the trades, risk control, stop placement etc. I then report back, giving any recommendations. It is quite educational for both the member, as it can highlight areas for improvement, as well as for me, as it may spark a topic for discussion on the twitter feed, or maybe a post on the blog.

Why do you charge for the programme?

There are a number of reasons for this - the cost to a degree reflects the time I put into mentoring you in becoming a proficient trend trader. It also places a value on the experience I have and expertise in trading the methodology. I want people to become as comfortable, and as profitable, in using the method as I am.

However, the principal reason is that I believe it places a value on the results I can deliver. Click here to see some testimonials from people who are in the group.

Everyone is unique, and has their own strengths and weaknesses as a trader. The markets can be a cruel mistress. If I can help an inexperienced trader avoid some of the pitfalls out there, or avoid big losses, and start to generate an overall profit, or help an experienced trader increase his profitability, then over time the fee turns out to be a very small cost of doing business on your trading journey.

Why does the programme last a whole year?

In my opinion, this is an important part of the programme. I believe you need to gain experience under a variety of market conditions - uptrends and downtrends, periods of high and low volatility, as well as those tricky periods where the trends change, both in individual stocks as well as the indices themselves. Depending on when you join, the market conditions may not be the most conducive to generate profits straight away. We can only take what the markets give us. Hopefully, over the course of a whole year you will experience all of these varying conditions, and learn how to deal with them accordingly.

Anything else I need to know?

All I ask in return is that any new members show the commitment and discipline needed to learn the system, to fully appreciate and understand how the system work in differing conditions.

Anything else?

When you have completed your full years' membership, there is a 33% discount offered if you decide to renew for any subsequent years.

To sign up, click here. To discuss further, please contact me at

I look forward to welcoming you.