Tuesday, July 01, 2014

New testimonial

David is a high-flyer, travelling the world with his job as an airline pilot. However, he makes time for his trading and with trend following, he has found a method which suits his personality and his work commitments. More importantly, he has quickly grasped the importance of developing the other core elements of good trading trading: risk control, patience, discipline and having the right mindset. Today, he was kind enough to forward the following testimonial:

"There is a well-known statistic in the brokerage world: 90/90/90.

90% of new traders lose 90% of their equity with 90 days of starting to trade.

The reasons are many and varied but in principle it is because they do the precise opposite of the three principles of Steve’s system. They do not have a robust stock selection process, they have no idea of risk management and lastly are ill prepared for the effect that their own emotions will have on their trading decisions.

The entire world loves a good cookery show so here’s an analogy. The three key ingredients for a decent cake have to be both present and in the right proportion to produce a great result, otherwise the outcome can be a disaster.

So it is with trading, you have to have everything in balance to be able to produce the results you want.

I came from a more fundamental analysis background but have found the trend following style a far better fit with the fact that I also work full-time.

What Steve offers with his mentoring programme is invaluable. Being able to draw on his experience of going through several different market phases, having access to his opinion on a daily basis is everything the inexperienced investor needs. The e-book and his blog is a great place to start but for anyone seriously wanting to be competent at trading on their own I have to recommend the mentoring programme.

I came across Steve’s website a couple of years ago and while I thought it was interesting I didn’t sign up but continued doing more research into the different styles of investing. Having done so I can honestly say that I’m now sure this is the style for me – and I wish I’d signed up two years ago!"

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