Sunday, February 16, 2014

Latest testimonial

I received this testimonial tonight from Arun, who I met in the late Summer last year.

“I started out “trading” in the summer of 2010. I wanted to be rich and I wanted it yesterday. So I jumped on the internet and bought a holy grail trading system. I felt I was going to make millions and if I didn’t I’d at least make a few hundred thousand.

To do this, I was going to be clever - I was going to learn from someone who was making money regularly from the markets so I signed up to his weekend trading course. I learned about candlestick patterns and moving averages and by Monday morning I was ready! George Soros made a billion dollars by trading forex, I just wanted to make a small percentage of that, I mean how hard could it be?

I had all the knowledge I needed and all I had to do the following Monday was setup an account, put in £200 into my trading pot, load up the charts, put in a bet of £1 per point and make £5! But hey if I compounded my pot and keep doing this for the rest of the year my pot will be around £70,000 and the icing on the cake?... this would all be tax free.

Within 2 weeks my £200 was worth £0. So I put together another £200 trading pot, and another and another but with the same results. How could this be? This must surely be down to a dodgy trading system! So I bought another system and another and another…

After a year I realised I was missing something. I started paying £200 per hour to a European trader to teach me how to “trade the Forex like a pro”. After a few sessions I eventually lost interest and ended up putting trading to one side. Maybe trading just wasn’t for me I was asking myself?

Last year I started working at an energy company where I came across a guy who traded the markets. Naturally we hit it off straight away, talking about the markets on every occasion possible. On one of the days he had bought in his laptop. Loaded up was his current trading positions. I was shocked! I wondered how on earth did this guy time his entries so well? Not only that but all of his 10+ positions he had open were in the positive! That’s when I came to the easy conclusion - I was doing something wrong and he was doing something right!

Thanks to my friend at work I left forex trading and was introduced to I read through the blog and dropped the owner Steve an email and received a response back the same day. I wanted to learn trading but I wanted to learn it the right way, from the right person. After a few emails back and forth I arranged Steve to come over to my house and show me how to become a successful trader. But I was still sceptical. Having previous mentors (more than one) I didn’t hold my breath but did have a level of expectation. I was not disappointed! In the 6 hours Steve spent with me he answered every single question that I asked and happily went at a pace that I was comfortable with. Not only does know his stuff he is also a good guy.

Fast forward a few months and I’ve learned so much from Steve’s mentoring which would have taken me years to acquire. I now trade a system that has a positive expectancy. Gone are the days where I risk 25 points in the hope to achieving just 5. Steve has showed me how I to cut my losses and let my profits run and just in the month of January this year my open profits were 30% of my trading capital.

Steve’s taught me how to identify high probability trades and now I take fewer trades but have more success. After initially starting off with a small trading account I decided I wanted to trade bigger a size so I upped my trading account 20 fold which had a huge psychological impact to my trading. Steve was quick to identify the correct pot size that I was comfortable with. This allowed me to concentrate on the process. Now money is secondary to my trading and I let the compounding of my equity take care of itself.

Steve has given me with all the tools I need in my trading tool box to allow me to trade successfully. To me, trading is 70% psychology and 30% system – Steve has provided me with both but the psychological aspect of his mentoring program has been the game changer. I am now able to trade a 5 figure size pot with less fear than I was trading forex with a 3 figure pot. Most importantly I am trading profitably. I believe Steve’s mentoring program offers excellent value for money – my trading profits have already paid for it.

Thanks mate!”

You're welcome Arun :)

To find out more about the mentoring programme and how it could help you, click here.

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