Wednesday, January 08, 2014

New testimonial

Chris has been a member of the mentoring programme for a few months now, and he has been kind enough to provide the following testimonial:

"I’ve been trading full time for about 2 years and came across Steve by accident whilst following a trading trend on twitter. Having always been more of a Warren Buffett than a 5 minute trader trend following had always interested me. I made money trading the FTSE and the S&P500, but tended to take short term trades so never broke the bank. Thankfully I learned early on that most trading indicators don’t work and are basically useless. The only one that works is price, that never lies.

About 8 months ago I downloaded the ‘Trading Triangle’ and put the system to the test (probably at the worst time for trend following), and could see early on it worked for me. At the end of September last year I signed up with Steve’s mentoring programme for 1 year. My background is geology and it is fair to say that analysing and interpreting charts comes second nature to me, so spotting setups I find relatively easy. Then why do you need a mentor I hear you ask ?

Over the past 2 years trading it didn't take long to realise that you can be an expert at entering trades and never make a lot of money. Trading is so much more than simply placing trades, the hard part is the psychological aspects of trade management. As yet another trade you exited due to fear carries on upwards you remember the immortal words ‘ you never go broke taking a profit’. I’ve got some news for you, you will.

Steve has helped with many things, amongst them managing risk, trade sizing, and not being scared to take a small loss. Letting winners run is my biggest challenge and I’m hoping to nail that skill before this year is out.

The secret to trading is knowing yourself, and realising that every decision you make is down to the person staring back at you in the mirror every morning. The markets aren’t out to get anybody - just jump on and enjoy the ride."

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