Saturday, October 05, 2013

New testimonial

I met Raman recently at a London hotel, after corresponding extensively over the previous couple of months. Although not new to trading, Raman has been trawling the internet locating as many sources relating to trend following as possible, after deciding that he wanted to pursue such a strategy. 

In a lot of cases he came across the same articles that I did several years ago when  I was building my own system and knowledge. This lead to a lot of questions (and I mean a lot!) about the basic methodology and how it can be applied to stocks, along with the risk and psychological aspects. I am looking forward to working with Raman over the coming months, and to see how things progress:

"First off, I always wondered whether testimonials posted on websites are genuine or, conversely, artificial constructions designed merely to sell a product or make a quick buck.  As I find myself writing one here I am confident that all those who have benefited from Steve's wisdom and trend following mentoring feel as fortunate as I do to have come across Steve's site.  
Aside from the simplicity and quantifiable returns of Steve's trading system which speak for themselves, I have been most impressed and grateful for Steve's constant attention to detail, his patience, and his willingness to engage to help clarify issues as I aim to become a better and more well-informed trader.  

No question I have posed to Steve has been too remedial to warrant his time and detailed response.   In view of my nascent trading stage, the confidence that Steve instills in both application of the trading methodology and the ability to reach out to him as issues or concerns arise has been of great comfort.  

I am confident that I am on the way to becoming a better and profitable trader and I know that Steve has played, and will continue to play, a material role in that process.  
Thank you Steve for all your time and attention, and I look forward to the day in the profitable future when we will grab another beverage in a nice hotel lounge and reflect on these 'early days' in my trading journey."
It is my job (and passion) that traders like Raman develop the correct habits, discipline and thought processes that will allow them to profit from a trend following strategy both now and in the future. If you would like to join Raman and other like-minded traders, then sign up to the mentoring programme today!

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