Thursday, August 29, 2013

Testimonial from Down Under

This morning I received the following testimonial from Richie, who I had the pleasure of discussing trend following with last week via webinar. Richie is based down in Australia.

He acquired the e-book a few months ago and at the beginning of this month signed up to the mentoring programme. Even with the current uncertainty and change of trend in the market, he has been making profits the last few weeks. He also used the new scans to identify and alert us to a set up I have traded, which has been my best performer over the last couple of weeks!

"After trading many different systems long term, short term, swing trading, options, commodities and Forex it has taken me quite awhile to work out there is no Holy Grail! The closest thing that suits my trading personality is Trend Following with good money management and risk control.

Finding Steve’s website “TheTrendFollower” cemented in my mind that I was on the right path. Steve’s e-book “The Trading Triangle” sets out all the trading rules, position sizing and risk management for a successful system. You need patience, discipline and the right mindset to become profitable in the market and the mentoring programme keeps you on the right track.

Steve is down to earth, passionate and a genuine nice guy who is a very knowledgeable Trend Follower. His mentoring programme is full of like-minded traders all striving to achieve the same goal…Profit!

Highly Recommended."

Thanks Richie! To see other testimonials for both the e-book and the mentoring programme, click here. If you want to join Richie and the other traders who are all working together, then sign up here. We look forward to welcoming you.

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