Monday, September 03, 2012

Protected Twitter feed performance

Despite the rather languid level of market activity recently, there have been plenty of trends in stocks to profit from.

Since the protected Twitter feed started in mid-July, the entries disclosed (all given in real time) have generated a cumulative return of more than +18R, despite not even being half way to fully invested, as per my position limits (I am only counting new positions opened since that point in time). Currently I have a mixture of long and short positions in stocks from the UK, US, Germany, Italy and Spain.

This is also despite identifying several good looking set ups or signals given by the scans I use, which I missed entering a position for one reason or another, for example whether that I was simply not around when the breakout occurred, or that I was attempting to keep my ratio of long:short positions consistent.

Some of the other traders who have access to the feed have identfied other good looking setups using the same scans and system and have profited from them. It has been a steep learning curve for them, not so much in identifying the setups to go for (they have all picked that up pretty quickly), but more from applying the correct risk management, and trying to obtain the mindset necessary to deal with the counter-trend movements that frequently occur, within the context of an overall trend either in the general market or in individual stocks. 

This is something that needs to be nurtured over time, and leads to confidence in the methodology and consistency in applying the system rules going forward. As a small group they are all learning and moving forward in their development. Mistakes can and will occur, but if you learn from them, then they cease to be mistakes but another valuable learning experience.

Remember if you wish to join this small group (and numbers will remain limited, so that I can give sufficient individual time to everyone), then you need to either undertake some 1-2-1 training or join the mentoring programme

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