Thursday, July 26, 2012

Some familiar names here...

I came across this link today showing the best performing CTA's. Looking at the list recording performance from inception, it's funny how many names near the top are systematic trend followers, former members of the Turtles programme etc., and that also the majority of those names are amongst the longest established funds on the list.

Amongst those listed are:
  • EMC - ex-turtle Liz Cheval;
  • Hawsbill - ex-turtle Tom Shanks;
  • Mark J Walsh - 2nd generation Turtle;
  • Saxon Investments - ex-turtle Howard Seidler;
  • William Eckhardt - former partner of Richard Dennis;
  • Abraham Trading - 2nd generation Turtle Salem Abraham, relative of ex-turtle Jerry Parker (Chesapeake Capital, which is also on the list);
  • Systematic trend trend follower David Harding of Winton Capital (UK hedge fund) at no.25;
  • Bill Dunn at no.27 - systematic trend follower profiled in Covel's Trend Following;
  • Paul Malvaney, another systematic trend follower; and
  • Rabar Market Research - ex-turtle Paul Rabar
The other thing to note is the level of drawdown incurred in achieving this performance. Chasing absolute returns means that, by their very nature, the performance will have to overcome some rocky patches, even if, as in some of these cases, the amount of risk taken is lower than when trading the Turtle system, for example.

Not many investors I know have the sort of money required to enrol in these types of programmes. However, you can run your own portfolio along the same lines, using a disciplined, systematic trend following approach. You can be in charge of your own destiny. These types of systems can be used by anyone, providing they are disciplined in their risk tolerance and require little monitoring on a day by day basis.

Want to know how? Consider my e-book, 1-2-1 training or joining my mentoring programme, where you get ongoing telephone and email support (further details here), and start on the way to generating consistent returns from a proven methodology.

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