Sunday, May 27, 2012

My interview with Steve Burns

Steve Burns is a successful US-based trader, and a trend follower to boot. His latest book, New Trader, Rich Trader is top of the stock market/investing Hot New Releases list on Amazon, and follows the story of how a trader new to the markets grows and develops following mentoring and lots of wisdom from his friend Rich Trader. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the books focuses on risk management and trading psychology before turning attention to the mechanics of entries and exits (a bit like my own e-book!). There really are no shortcuts to long term trading success, and I would recommend grabbing a copy of Steve's book - it is a light, enjoyable read as you follow New Trader's progress.

The pattern here is similar to my own mentoring programme, which can help inexperienced traders keen to learn develop and make money. We have both commented on how similar our own learning experiences and development have been, together with our emphasis on trading psychology and risk control.

I have had the pleasure of corresponding with Steve and recently completed a Q&A interview which he has posted on his own web site, which is also recommended reading. The interview is here.

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