Saturday, February 18, 2012

Training pays quick dividends

I met with Mark, a trader last weekend and did some 1-2-1 training, which has yielded some pleasingly immediate results. Following our session he went long on UK stock Mouchel Parkman, which as you can see has broken out very nicely into profit this week:

He has been kind enough to send me a testimonial as follows:

"I met with Steve last Saturday to discuss his system and help clarify my views on trend following. Steve was able to demonstrate why trend following works (with lots of chart examples) and why his system is best placed to benefit from this style of trading (including an explanation of the scans he uses). We went through lots of chart examples and he explained to me the importance of using proper risk management and utilising guaranteed stop losses to avoid hitting problems with gaps. Steve not only has a lot of theoretical knowledge of the trend following literature but also loads of real world experience to back it up. To meet with someone that has and still is trading a trend following system successfully is a great confidence boost. I recommend a 1:1 session for anyone who wants to understand how to make money trend following. Thanks Steve."

If you wish to consider learning how to trade in this fashion, then consider getting some training like Mark and learn how to effectively identify potential trends and to profit from them.

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