Friday, August 21, 2009

My US stocks performance - UPDATED

Since last December, I have been recording some of my trades on the MarketGuru website. Although this is a 'virtual' portfolio, the trades and exits can only be posted real-time, meaning that no subsequent 'doctoring' of your performance can be made.

The drawbacks of the site are that only US stocks are covered, and only long trades can be recorded. In addition, stops on those trades cannot be set. As I always place a stop on opening a trade, should a position gap through my stop, the performance on my 'virtual' portfolio is worse than in my actual trading.

My trading porfolio and history proves that decent returns can be made utilising a simple trend following strategy.

I am pleased to say that I am currently ranked in the top 1% of the traders registered on the site.

My page is here


Unfortunately the site closed down in the summer of 2010, taking the performance history with it. At the date the site closed, the current rolling return was well in excess of 100%, and at one point was over 200%. This is despite covering long-only trades on US stocks, and no stops being put in place. 

Fortunately, this coincided with a general uptrend being in place in the major market averages since the spring of 2009.

More than anything, this proved to me once again that trend following works in equities. The system used to create that performance is unchanged, and is what the performance history log on here is based.

I had built up a number of followers on the site, whose votes propelled me to be ranked within the top 1% of traders registered on the site. I hope to build up a similar following here, and to help other traders on their way to success.

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