Below are the list of trades taken since 01 January 2020.

Due to the nature of trend following where losses are cut short and winners left to run, some open trades can remain open for a number of weeks or even months. 

However, open profits are also at risk of erosion from future events such as when the price move attempts to reverse, or from price gaps against the trend following an earnings release.

Therefore, the list below schedules only those trades which are closed. 

For details of past performance please go here.

Date opened Company Long/     short Date closed Profit/ (Loss)  in R
21-Mar-18 Gulf Keystone Petroleum Long 25-May-18 8.19
17-May-18 Man Group Long 24-May-18 (0.55)
02-May-18 DAX Long 24-May-18 0.86
24-Apr-18 USD/JPY Long 24-May-18 1.07
27-Apr-18 Pharming Group Long 17-May-18 (0.26)
11-May-18 John Laing Group Long 15-May-18 (0.54)
27-Apr-18 The Navigator Co SA Long 30-Apr-18 (0.48)
24-Apr-18 EUR/JPY Long 25-Apr-18 (0.04)
24-Apr-18 DAX Long 25-Apr-18 (0.70)
21-Mar-18 MBIA Inc Long 20-Apr-18 0.01