Some more comments received from traders:

"It's very rare I read something on the internet and think that the author will be useful and is not just another person trying to sell me something that doesn't help me but line his own pockets!

I came across your website and was really interested to find another follower trading stocks, I downloaded your e-book and was amazed at how similar we trade. I know trend trading isn't anything new but I came up with my system by myself by just looking at hundreds and hundreds of charts and seeing what worked in the past etc. Your book is a very good read and would set any beginner on the right path." Chris, Hampshire

"I have long been an admirer of those who can trade a trend following system. I like the idea that all you need to know is technical analysis without worrying about any fundamentals. However I don’t have confidence to trade such a system because of the relatively low winning percentage (typical of a trend following system). After reading Steve’s e-book, I believe I can finally apply this to my own trading.

In his e-book Steve not only spells out the exact rules, but also explains the rationale behind them. As a novice I now know exactly how to trade a trend following system. Should I ever want to tweak the rules to fit my personal needs, I’ll know what to look for. Steve is also very responsive in answering my questions. In short, I’d say Steve’s e-book has bridged the fear gap for me to apply trend following in my trading." Chris, Hong Kong

"This (book) is a great resource for new and old investors. Not because it gives something new that has not been discovered... but because it explains in simple terms what trend following is and how to use it effectively. It guides you towards the right mindset required to be a successful trader" Oswaldo, Phoenix AZ

"I met with Steve last Saturday to discuss his system and help clarify my views on trend following. Steve was able to demonstrate why trend following works (with lots of chart examples) and why his system is best placed to benefit from this style of trading (including an explanation of the scans he uses). We went through lots of chart examples and he explained to me the importance of using proper risk management and utilising guaranteed stop losses to avoid hitting problems with gaps. Steve not only has a lot of theoretical knowledge of the trend following literature but also loads of real world experience to back it up. To meet with someone that has and still is trading a trend following system successfully is a great confidence boost. I recommend a 1:1 session for anyone who wants to understand how to make money trend following. Thanks Steve." Mark, Lincolnshire

"I recently had the pleasure of 1-2-1 training from Steve and found the day excellent value. Steve is very knowledgeable, clear in explaining the concepts of the system and was very open in sharing his trading experiences. After setting up the scans on my home pc we covered risk management, loads of chart examples, adopting the correct mind-set and the importance of recording results. As a result I was literally trading the T3 system profitably the next day after training. I was impressed by the key emphasis on keeping it simple, after all it's following the system that will work in the end." Derek, London

"As a complete beginner when I came across Steve's blog, I was impressed at his results in his detailed trade log and after reading his blog posts for a month, immediately bought his book as it came was released. Detailed within the book is his exact trading setup, it's simple and it works I wasted no time by starting using it on a real account, choosing my own trades on the scans, for some VERY LUCRATIVE gains in a trending market at December 2010. I followed this up with emails and one-on-one trading and to this day am trading profitable. I will continue using this for future trading and recommend this book to everyone who wants to trade profitably." Dan, UK

"I TRUST this system. Why?

I have been a part time trader on and off for 6 years. The path has been hard and lessons costly but I was fortunate enough to have the self discipline required in money management not to exhaust all my equity before I started to learn and started to win more than I lost.

The T3 system has re-enforced my trading rules and I have become confident enough to run with the trend. No more doubt with letting positions run, I have guaranteed stop losses and no limits to the potential wins.

That's the trick, make sure your win value exceed the limited losses.

This is not a recommendation as each person needs to understand their attitude to risk but for me this (T3 System) is the best investment I have made.

Steve provides you with all the tools and bless him (as he'll learn the hard way) he is fully available to provide support. How many trading books are there were you can contact the author for advise, comments and support?!

I thank Steve and will probably call on him before the year is out for one to one tutoring as the final step before going full time trader.

All the best Steve!" Scot McP, UK

"After investing for a while I thought I would look into trading but with lots of information on the internet, I got myself confused then I came across Trader Steve's website which in itself is very informative. After having a look around I decided to buy the eBook, inside are very clear ideas and full of good advice about money management, stop losses and a whole lot more.
And to me the best bit is Steve has answered any question I have asked and there as been a lot. So Steve I take my hat off to you! The trend is your friend" Michael, Nottingham

"Dear Steve, Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say how useful the Trading Triangle has been in in helping me to start to understand trend following. As someone new to trading and very cynical of stuff one reads on blogs etc, I have to say you are a breath of fresh air in that you are there to answer any questions, in my case however stupid, so many thanks for that." Nigel, East Sussex

"I would highly recommend The Trading Triangle to those looking to trade a trend following methodology like Trader Steve. Not only does Steve explain his trading system in detail with numerous chart examples, but he also covers psychology and money management, two very important topics often overlooked by many traders.
If you're having problems generating consistent returns from your own trading, then The Trading Triangle will definitely help you turn things around. All you have to do is check out the Trading Log on Steve's blog to see what returns are possible using this system." Bill F, Glasgow

"I have been trading various short term systems mainly successfully for about 15 years, but recently decided my time frame needed to get a bit longer. I tried several methods without being successful or comfortable with them. Then I stumbled on Trader Steve and his method several months ago, and things fell into place straight away and I'm sure provided I remain disciplined and follow the rules I will make money in the coming years. The book was easy to read and understand. In my opinion a good system needs to have few rules and a non trader be able to understand, and this meets those criteria." Peter, South West England

"After a couple of years of dipping in and out of various trading approaches I realised Trend Following was for me and stumbled across Trader Steve's website. His view of the market appealed to me and I wanted to know more. I saw he was advertising his Trading Triangle system for £30 which I thought was a bargain, after all you can not simply follow someones trade picks and expect the same results, you need to understand the system, its rules and how it fits your particular circumstances.

The system is accompanied by a very informative ebook which covers areas like money management, compatability, stop losses and expectancy. I found the ebook an extremely useful tool which compliments the trading system and ensures you have an understanding of what is required in order to make profits.

I realise the key to success is discipline and following the system rules and I now look forward to placing my first trades and doing just that." Declan, Buckinghamshire