Wednesday, December 30, 2020

New testimonial

Just before Christmas I received the following from Stefan, an aspiring trend follower based in Germany:

"I started my mentorship with Steve about 1.5 years ago. Having traded for about 8 years, I was still struggling with being profitable.

Through my sessions with Steve, I was able to gain a more disciplined approach to trading with a strong focus on trading psychology.

You’ll also gain access to a group of like-minded trend traders within the mentorship program which is really beneficial for your trading as everyone shares the same goal.

This past year has been a gold mine to me when it comes to trading, as I have gained so much valuable experience from how unpredictable markets can behave (Corona, Trump etc.).

However, even though markets were behaving so wild and unpredictable, I was able to achieve a 25 percent profit with the help of Steve and through the focus of sticking to his principles."

While some may say that a 25% profit is nothing to shout about, the main intention and work for Stefan was to develop the correct mindset, and to get clarity on his risk management, process and rules, all while seeing the ups and downs in the market. 

In other words, the focus was on the process, rather than the outcome. The fact Stefan has been able to make a profit while making those changes is a testament to his commitment and desire to improve.

With all the other traders who have asked for help and support over the years, the credit solely goes to Stefan in that he was opening to listening to new ideas, and learning from the experiences of others who had been down the same path he was treading. He was also open to being accountable in recording his results, being critiqued on his processes and ultimately accepting responsibility for his actions and returns.

Well done Stefan!

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