Saturday, April 14, 2018

Staying in my own circle of competence

Every so often someone contacts me to say they disagree with what I say and my beliefs, that some other successful trader they know of says the opposite to me, or simply to assure me that trend following doesn't work.

Well, I have news for you - and them.

I couldn't care less if your beliefs or methods are different to my own, which are rooted in those of people like Seykota, Dennis, Donchian, Parker, Hite, Livermore and others.

I'm a trend follower, and have developed the trend followers' mindset. So I don't give a monkey's if you or anyone else thinks they can predict what will happen over the next day, the next month, or the next year. Or whether you think trend following doesn't work. Or that oscillators, tea leaves or listening to Cramer are they way to go.

The fact is trend following works for me, and I've indirectly studied and learned from some of the most famous and successful traders to have ever lived, as well as being fortunate to have corresponded with successful traders and fund managers who follow the same principles.

As a result, I just follow my own process, and take responsibility for my own actions. I'm a one-trick pony, and know to stay inside my own circle of competence.

That said, I know and accept full well that there are plenty of other ways to trade profitably. But they are outside my circle of competence. So they don't interest me, and I don't waste my time studying them.

Is that me being insular?

Possibly. But it means my own mindset and beliefs do not become tarnished or contradicted. And having clarity of thought about what you are trying to do, and then formulating a plan based on those thoughts, is a key component of trading success.

This blog, together with what I talk about on social media, is for those who aspire to adopt the trend followers' mindset, to read about my own trading ups and downs and the experiences of others, ideas of what to incorporate into your own trend following method, as well as to learn and absorb the wisdom of some of those famous trend followers and Market Wizards.

As I've said before, trend following is like Marmite - you either love it or hate it.

And if you disagree, or have opposing beliefs about how to go trading, that's fine.

That's what makes for a market of buyers and sellers.

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