Monday, July 11, 2016

New testimonial from Germany

Julian is trend following trader from Germany who I have worked with over the last couple of years. Here is his testimonial which he kindly forwarded:

"Almost three years ago I found Steve's website as I searched for traders which worked with ProRealTime. First I bought his great e-book (which is very cheap in my eyes). 

I found out that the thoughts and trading style from Steve is very similar to my own. I improved my trading and stock screener with the input from Steve's e-book, but I was not satisfied. There was always some frustration on my side and I had the feeling that I now need help from a professional trader. 

There are times in your career where you know that you have to make the next step, but you can’t do it alone. The tuition fee for the mentoring program was of course not cheap in comparison to a book or webinar, but if you compare it to other services, it is a bargain.

The first contact with Steve motivated me. He asked what I want to improve and where were my frustration points. Then we started some intensive dialogue about my improvement points. I always had the feeling that Steve was available anytime for my questions. 

He does not provide a signal service - he wants to help traders to find their personal way. You can feel that he is interested in you personally and the details of your thinking. He always motivates me and give me hints and clues how to see the trading and market periods. I am thankful that he never dictated to me or said that I have to change something. He always give me input to change my thinking and find my personal way. That is something I had to accept at the beginning, but in hindsight it is the right way.

I learned a lot from Steve and it accelerated the personal success in my trading. It was the best investment I made. I cannot emphasize how important it is to have a model of a successful trader and to feel how he thinks and what he does.

Steve is a person who is very patient with trades and the market environment. He is also very strict with risk management and I learned a lot of these topics from him. I always feel the progress in my thinking and trading during the two years of mentorship with Steve.

Later in my mentorship Steve introduced the regular webinars on Friday evenings. It was a great benefit. You can hear Steve talking about the market, psychology and risk management. With this tool he can transfer his experience to his students. I always enjoyed the webinars and the great people in the group. There was always a close connection between the members of the mentorship.

Now it is time for me that I do it on my own. This has nothing to do with the costs for the mentorship or with Steve. I have the feeling that I now must go my own way. Steve supports me with my decision and uttered absolute understanding for my way. I am sure that we will stay in contact and I can recommend his services to anybody. It is not important what trading style you have, Steve's knowledge and experience will help any trader."

Thanks Julian!

It is important to remember that, while I try to pass on my own experiences and suggestions, at the end of the day the success or failure of any trader will be dependent upon the level of commitment they give to developing both themselves and their methods. 

No-one starts out with all the building blocks in place. You need that that level of commitment, together with an acceptance that you may need to change elements of your method, your risk management or your mindset - or all three! 

Without that, anything you read or hear (from me or anyone else) is worthless - if you are not committed, and are not willing to act on what needs to be changed or improved - you won't make any progress.

I am happy to say that Julian is one of those people who has been prepared to put the time and effort in to become successful. And I am confident that he will continue to develop and improve going forward.

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