Wednesday, May 04, 2016

New testimonial

Over the bank holiday weekend I received the following testimonial from Mark:

“I have been in the Steve’s mentoring programme for just over 4 years. Quite simply: as a result of his fantastic mentorship my trading has completely evolved and ultimately become consistently profitable.

Regardless of the trend following method used, I have learnt the importance of psychology and risk control and that they are and will remain paramount to profitable trading.

This is all testimony to Steve’s ability and hard-work as a mentor. Not only in discussing the mechanics of any particular system, but more importantly a more fundamental understanding of what makes successful traders tick and how any individual can seek to replicate it.

Steve has shown a consistent commitment to my development. He will openly endeavour to reinforce the importance of consistency, discipline, patience and risk control. Continued support, conversations, twitter updates and a willingness to answer any questions reinforces Steve’s commitment to his mentees.

I would recommend the programme to anyone who wants to learn the skills, methods and discipline to take money out of the markets.”

Mark was the first person I mentored after meeting him for some 1-2-1 training back in early 2012. In fact, it was his suggestion to extend the training to provide ongoing support that led to the creation of the mentoring programme

Since then, Mark has shown the commitment and desire to succeed, and has allowed himself to be open to new or different ways of thinking and acting - even through the tricky phases and the periods of poor or non-performance. 

That bit I can't teach - it has to come from within, and that is where a lot of people come unstuck. If people aren't open to change, then they won't be able to make they progress they want. 

I have talked in the past about Mark's progress - there was this case study post back in 2013.

Notice how Mark doesn't mention anything about entries and exits - while he utilises a trend following method, he places far greater importance in the 'boring' elements such as risk control and controlling his mindset - these are critical for any trader to achieve positive performance over a long period of time.

Thanks Mark!

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