Sunday, May 10, 2015

New testimonial from down under

Daniel is a trader based in Australia who has just completed his year within the mentoring programme. He was kind enough to forward the following short testimonial:

"Wow a year has past already! Thanks a lot Steve for the past 12 months, whilst I have a long way to go it has given me an excellent grounding of what I need to do/become as a trader. If your intention with the program is to teach traders to fish I think I'm well on my way and and good to continue on my own now (I hope!).

I really appreciate all the work you've put into the program, and the assistance you've given me and the rest of the group. It is especially great to chat with the others on twitter.

I haven't been trading much the past few weeks, there hasn't been that many great setups & been a bit distracted so happy to stand aside. That being said barring any major f*ck ups on my part I've had a great 12 months!

Thanks again Steve and best of luck with everything."

Daniel worked hard to understand and implement the necessary components of good risk control, along with developing his trading mindset. That, combined with learning to cut losses and let profits run, resulted in good results being achieved. His performance was discussed in this post back in December.

He knows that the next stage is to develop further what he has learned, and to continue working on eliminating the trading mistakes which we have identified. That will help take him to the next level.

If you want to follow the path taken by Daniel, then come and join us!

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