Sunday, April 12, 2015

New testimonial

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Fisayo, who was kind enough to forward the following:

"I am not based in the UK but was in the country recently for a vacation. I am a trader/portfolio manager based in Africa but still love to network with traders all over the world - as they say - you never grow old if you keep learning!

I had been following Steve on twitter and reached out to him to meet up when I came in the country for vacation. Boom! In less than 24 hours he replied! After a few emails, we arranged a date and I prepared a list of questions to ask him.

Steve graciously met me near where I was staying in the UK and we had a wonderful discussion. He discussed my trading style with me, answered all my questions and suggested new additions that could help the risk:reward ratio of my trades in order to improve my overall P&L.

It was great discussion with a lot of market insights and tales (many of which make me chuckle as I write this post). His blunt and disciplined approach to the markets struck me as well.

I learned a lot from Steve and I am currently incorporating them into my trading approach. I will not be trading exactly the system Steve uses (oops sorry Steve!) but our ideologies behind our trading systems are the same.

Lastly, I have had cause to ask Steve to do some things on my behalf and he has always responded swiftly. Thank you Steve - more grease to your elbow!"

Thanks Fisayo!

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