Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Top blog posts from the archives

As we are now in the last month of the year, there will no doubt be plenty of top five or top ten lists going around. Well, I thought I'd beat the crowd and get in early. I'm not a marketing whizz, so these posts do not have eye-catching titles. But the content is what is important to me, and to other traders. I've ignored any posts relating to examples of winning or losing trades - these focus on ideas that may help you as a trader, or focus your mind on what is important to a trend follower.

So, below are the top 5 posts (in terms of page hits received) from the blog archives:

How I use volatility as part of the selection process - this describes how I refer to volatility, by looking for a contraction in volatility prior to taking a position, in the hope that there will be an expansion in that volatility once price breaks out.
Another way to look at stock selection and market direction - Wow! This post has only been up on  the blog a matter of days but certainly seems to have generated plenty of interest! An alternative point of view about the importance of referring to the general market conditions and direction when you are trading stocks;
Jack Nicklaus and trading - it is well known there are lots of parallels between trading and poker, but there are also similar traits between trading and golf. Here are some words of wisdom from Jack Nicklaus, that are particularly appropriate to trading;
Nuggets of wisdom - this one is back from October 2010, and is a short video that I happened to come across on You tube;
Trend following in a nutshell - this is the most popular blog post, and is a short overview of trend following, with a looking at the boom back at and how simply following price can help you.

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