Thursday, December 04, 2014

NEW - Improvements to the mentoring programme for 2015

As seen in these testimonials, participating in the mentoring programme has helped a number of traders to eliminate the destructive mistakes that can lead to significant drawdowns or even account blow ups, help them start to consistently generate profits in the right market conditions, and to keep losses to a minimum when conditions are not as favourable. This does not simply concentrate on entries and exits, but also on the vital factors of good risk control and trading psychology.

I have always placed great belief in working as a team can help everyone. This has generally worked well on the members twitter feed, but this is somewhat limited as a medium when it comes to detailed discussions. I also keep an eye out for additional ways where I can add value, wherever possible.

Now, I am delighted to announce that I starting in January 2015 I will be running regular Q&A webinars for members. It is anticipated that these will run for 1-2 hours per session depending on the number of attendees and the topics to be discussed. Generally these sessions will cover all aspects of trading using a trend following approach, including risk management and psychology, as well as a review of any recent trades taken, and a run through potential setups of interest. This is in addition to the members twitter feed and ongoing email support. So, over the course of the year, members will receive significant additional assistance within the group environment.

I've also recently been introduced to the benefits of using Skype, so the facility to converse over Skype will also be made available to members.

Finally, there will also additional videos loaded up to the members’ resource area going through the whole trend following process, which will compliment the original e-book and addendum.

Now for the bad news. As from 01 January 2015, the annual fee will be increasing. The good news is that the current annual price will be held until the end of the year, and by joining now access will be extended up to the end of December 2015. So, if you sign up now, you get 13 months access for the price of 12.

For more details, or to go and sign up straight away, go here.

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