Tuesday, November 25, 2014

New testimonial

Stephen is a keen trader who freely admits he has struggled in the past with the risk and psychology aspect of trading, especially when it comes to letting profits run. Part of the reason for this was not having a clearly defined trading plan that he could follow.

Stephen closely follows the underlying fundamentals of the stocks he trades, and has filters he uses to narrow down the potential candidates. The trend following part of his overall plan will act as a timing device to get in and out of those stocks, helping him particularly in getting out of a profitable trade at the appropriate time.

He kindly sent through the following testimonial today:

"It has been just over a month since I joined the mentoring programme and the benefits of doing so are really starting to shine through. Steve’s focus on self and risk management set him apart from the other market educators out there and was the main reason for me joining the group. 

Once you realise that getting to grips in these two areas are the key to success you are most definitely on the right track. Recently we had our one-to-one meeting and this proved invaluable with many light bulb type monuments. However, beyond this and far more importantly, the ongoing support that Steve provides is clearly going to be an asset to my trading. His prompt email responses and can-do attitude make you feel like no question is too stupid or indeed, too much."

Thanks Stephen!

If you are interested in joining Stephen in the programme, go here for more information. For other testimonials, click here.

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