Sunday, October 12, 2014

A word from Barbara Dixon

Barbara Dixon initially worked as a secretary to Richard Donchian, before going out on her own and starting a successful career as a trader in 1973. As a result, her initial exposure to the markets and the inspiration for her trading philosophy came from the man generally known as 'The Father of Trend Following'.

"I'm not a mathematician. I believe that the simplest solution is the most elegant and the best. Nobody has ever been able to demonstrate to me that a complex mathematical equation can answer the question , 'Is the market moving in an uptrend, downtrend or sideways?' any better than looking at a price chart and having simple rules to define those three sets of circumstances. These are the same rules I used back in the late 70's." - Barbara Dixon

Trend followers know this. The beauty is in its simplicity. Price and its movements are all you need to know, as it is only a price movement moving in your favour which can generate a profit, and a price movement against you that can generate a loss. Other considerations may be underlying factors or catalysts, but they aren't always known at the time a price move starts. Therefore, you have to go with the one piece of information that is available on all stocks or instruments - price. 

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