Thursday, October 24, 2013

Important information - mentoring programme

I continue to be surprised and delighted with the results of the mentoring programme, and what it has been able to achieve, both in terms of the camaraderie among the members, and the willingness of the members to learn and absorb the lessons of trend following.

 Most importantly, the actual performance achieved as posted about here and here (along with my own performance), has inspired the other members who have joined more recently and who are now learning how to make profits while controlling their risk, along with how the system reacts to different market states.

However, with the increase in the numbers, and with members in different time zones around the globe, comes a greater burden for myself, in terms of time required to give the quality of service I want to provide.

The goal has always been to create a small dedicated team of like-minded traders, who want to learn how to successfully follow trends along with developing their risk and psychological skills.

In order to facilitate this I will therefore be restricting the number of members going forward to ensure that everyone continues to receive the support and assistance they deserve. This will also allow me to also devote more time to adding additional features to the programme, thereby increasing the value for money element for the existing members.

In addition, as from 01 November 2013 the prices for the various mentoring packages will increase.

Should you be interested in enrolling, please either email me at to reserve your place before the price increases and restrictions on numbers take effect, or simply sign up here prior to 01 November 2013.

From Sydney to Stockholm, London to Lisbon, Chicago to Geneva, we have a wonderful team of traders, all with different levels of experience and equity, but who have all committed to learning a trend following system that will hold them in good stead over the coming months and years, and who are now starting to reap the rewards. 

We look forward to welcoming you into our programme.

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