Thursday, September 26, 2013

New testimonial - one year on

Chris initially contacted me in August last year. After meeting up for some initial 1-2-1 training, he signed up to the mentoring programme. Today he provided this update on his trading development over the last twelve months:

"I've been with Steve for over a year now. I believe that having a mentor is key to becoming one of the 10% of traders that continue to make money. Its not just about being given the tools to see what to buy and what to sell, its learning the process so that it all goes together. 

Mindset plays a huge role in trading - having a plan is not enough, you need to have the right mindset. The mentor is there to guide you and almost reassure you through tough times that you are trading correctly but where the conditions are not right. Equally, he is there to ground you when things are good and you might be taking sub-optimal trades! 

I had been trading for several years prior to meeting Steve but in the last year he has helped me with the psychology of how it all goes together. The fact I made just under 100% within the year I had a mentor is only very minor in comparison to the knowledge I have gained."

Chris will be the first to admit that some early mistakes were made, however these were quickly identified and eradicated. In the end, he achieved a fantastic performance over the whole twelve months, but just as importantly, the experiences have given him his own blueprint on how to trade going forward. 

If you are interested in learning not only how to trade using a trend following approach, but also developing the other critical areas for success regarding psychology and risk, then consider joining Chris in the mentoring programme.

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