Friday, July 05, 2013

Video testimonial!

Keith, who is one of the members of the mentoring programme, provided this written testimonial a few weeks ago. Last night he kindly fowarded this short video.

As Keith states in the video, he is relatively new to the trading game. Given the prevailing market conditions, the last few weeks have not been that great from a profit point of view. However, they have been extremely useful in reinforcing the importance of good risk control, and in giving a crash course in the psychology involved when following trends.

As with all people I train or mentor, I actively encourage discussion and questions, particularly when working in a small group, as I believe it accelerates everyone's learning (As it happens the discussion we had yesterday morning was quite lively!).

The good news is that, once volatility subsides and a trend becomes apparent, the lessons currently being learned will hold Keith and the others in good stead.

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