Friday, July 12, 2013

New trading scans

Up until now, I have relied upon my existing system scans to identify trading opportunities. These have not changed for several years. The big advantage of these (and on the charting package I use) is that they update in real-time. Therefore, new opportunities pop up as soon as the criteria I look for is met. You can also run these as little or often as you wish during a trading session, to look for potential new opportunities.

This is fine if you have constant access to the market (and your charts), however as I have taught and corresponded with an increasing number of people who have other commitments, full time employment etc., I have tried to work out a way to help these people identify these opportunities.

The result is that new scans have been created which can identify potential set ups BEFORE they crystallise. These scans would therefore be ideal for people who have limited access during the trading day, or for those who like to go through their charts and scans after the market close every night.

Currently only the members of the mentoring programme have access to the new code, which we are currently trialling. Happily, the initial feedback has been positive and already a number of nice setups have been identified, which are currently being traded. I am also able to go through the scans and alert possible set ups to the members, ahead of any entry signal being given.

As with the addendum released earlier this year, once I am happy with the results, these will be forwarded free of charge to anyone who has previously purchased the e-book. This is all part of the ongoing commitment to try and add value wherever I can. The new codes will also be included in the updated e-book, which I am currently working on. Once finalised, this will be issued free of charge to anyone who has purchased the original version.

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