Sunday, June 09, 2013

Spreading the message

Over the last few days I've had the pleasure of a long-distance link up via webinar with a trader in Canada, followed by a 1-2-1 training session with another trader in London (the testimonial is here). I very much enjoy these sessions, as not only can I pass on my experiences and knowledge to aspiring trend followers, but it also forces me to think more deeply about my own trading. I get asked about things I do without conscious thought - having to provide a satisfactory answer helps to crystallise or formulate these aspects of my trading.

The other great thing is that every session is different - there is no set 'script' that I follow. Each session is tailored to your own requirements. Of course there is a basic framework, with questions covering system rules, risk mangement, trading psychology, as well as looking at lots and lots of charts, looking back at historical events etc. The session yesterday ended up being over 7 hours long, which just flew by! But the goal was to fully answer any questions I got asked, which I think we accomplished.

I also look forward to the follow up correspondence or emails. Quite often, the traders I have seen subsequently have an 'A-ha!' moment when reflecting on their own trading. If nothing else, then you have got something positive which will help you going forward.

I am quite fortunate that I am followed by a number of people who are very successful in trading circles, around the globe. That reinforces my belief that what I talk about is helpful to traders who are keen to learn. However, my own 'niche' if you like, is in helping those people who are new either to trading in general, or trend following as a way of trading the markets. Everyone has to start somewhere, and to me it doesn't matter if I am asked to help something who has £100,000 equity or £1,000 equity. The principles involved are exactly the same.

To me the best students are those:
  • Who are able to appreciate the importance of good risk control;
  • Who are able to look at the markets from a different angle to the majority;
  • Who are able to accept that they will frequently be wrong on their positions;
  • Who will allow themselves to look at the markets and individual equities in a simple, objective manner;
  • Who are not afraid to ask questions;
  • Who are happy to incur the cost of training or mentoring, and the ongoing support that I provide, knowing it will give them the tools to profit from the markets for years to come.
If the advice I can provide can help people avoid major losses or account blow-ups, and instead be able to generate profits, all for a relatively small investment, then to me that's a good trade!

You can find out more about the training and mentoring that I offer by click on the links.

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