Friday, June 28, 2013

New testimonial

Last weekend I had the pleasure of meeting up with Paul for the initial 1-2-1 training, after he signed up to the mentoring programme. He was kind enough to forward the following testimonial:

"Just spent 6 hours 1 to 1 with Steve in front of the PC. The system is much clearer and manageable now everything has been set up and explained. Numerous successful trades, and some lost and missed ones, were analysed and explained along with my numerous questions. With my limited computer knowledge I could not have set up the charts myself. Everything from risk to entry to stops makes sense.

Time to go live!!"

Thanks Paul!

Remember if you want to learn how to profit from price trends, then do what Paul did and sign up for the mentoring programme - the summer sizzler discount offer expires tomorrow! For more info, click here.

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