Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mentoring programme payment reminder

Just a note to remind people interested that the fees for a years' membership of the mentoring programme can be paid either up front via Paypal, or alternative arrangements can be made to pay either quarterly or monthly. To do this please contact me for more details at

One thing I have prided myself on since starting this blog several years ago is being able to fully disclose my system rules in such a way that everyone can understand. Just as important, I always make myself available to discuss not only the nuts and bolts of the system, but also individual trades, potential set ups, as well as dealing with the psychological slings and arrows that the markets throw at us.

The last few months have bought much in the way of profits to the small group of traders that I help. They have access to any new positions I take, which are logged in 'real time' on a protected Twitter feed to help themselves along the way. All of the people who have signed up have full time jobs or other working commitments, yet the system allows them to participate fully in the markets while taking a matter of minutes a day to operate the system.

Everyone who uses the system can quickly see the reason why the trades have been taken, as well as fully understand the risk parameters to use, and just as importantly, know when to exit a particular trade.

There is a catch. In order to access the feed you need to have undertaken the 1-2-1 training or joined the mentoring programme. Why is this?
  • So that you fully understand the methodology of the system;
  • To ensure that only traders fully committed to learning and profiting from a trend following system have access;
  • So that all members of the feed can easily discuss particular set ups etc, as part of a support network amongst like minded traders;
  • I want to make sure you have the commitment to making money in this manner. I don't want people signing up on a whim who will drop the system when losses occur (as can happen with any system), as it won't do you any good in the long run;
  • I don't want people signing up and profiting from the hard work and commitment by others (not just me, but the others who had access to the feed) by simply following any trade signals given out. Again, following other peoples trades without knowing the full rules won't do you any good in the longer-term.
I would also say that the training and mentoring services that I offer cost only 10%-20% of the prices of some of the other systems and services out there. Click here for some of the testimonials I have received, not only for my e-book or training/mentoring, but also the ongoing support I provide.

To be a trend follower, you need to think differently to the majority of traders out there, who simply do not understand (or even want to acknowledge) that you can make money in the stock market without having to undertake rigorous fundamental analysis, or have charts overloaded with indicators and oscillators, and are open to interpretation.

Trend following is considered among the mainstream as 'old hat' and went out of fashion a long time ago. However, the truth is that trend following is the hardiest, most robust method there is to generate profits in the markets. It won't make you a millionaire by this time next week, but it will generate decent profits over the long haul. If you wish to doubt that, just go look at the CTA rankings here and see just how many of them utilised such a method - also refer to this post).

So, if you are interested in joining our small group of committed traders, then look at the 1-2-1 training or mentoring programmes.

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