Saturday, April 27, 2013

The benefits of mentoring

As recently mentioned, the markets in recent weeks are currently in a more volatile, non-trending state than in the early part of the year. This has made it more difficult to identify good set ups and profit from them. This is not a case of system death, it is simply that the current market conditions are not as favourable for trend followers.

Of my existing open positions, none have been open for less than two weeks. My most recent trades have all quickly failed. This combined with a lack of decent set ups appearing on my scans have automatically ensured I am lightly invested at the moment.

One of the reasons that the mentoring programme gives you access to me and my support for a year is that, in my opinion, to be fully comfortable with the system, you have to experience the differing market conditions which can either aid or impede performance. Ideally you need to experience both uptrends and downtrends, as well as those awkward situations where trends reverse, which involve the process of giving back some open profits. During all these phases, there will also be fluctuating levels of volatility to deal with as well.

I am only really interested in helping people who have a true desire to succeed, and can show a commitment to the system - to absorb everything the market can dish out, and to give you the benefit of my experience during these different market phases. It is also my opinion that people will not truly know whether they can stick to the system until they have gone through all these differing market phases. If they can, then potentially they fully understand how a proven system will be able to generate decent profits going forward, while minimising drawdowns, as well as having acquired the necessary mindset to allow you to achieve the desired results..

It is all to easy for someone to grab a copy of my e-book, or to understand the basic system rules, and think "I know how he does this" only to find they are not able to replicate my performance. Why is this? Simple: they do not know how important having the correct mindset is when dealing with markets going against you. The markets will mess with you.

I am extremely gratified that plenty of people have acquired my e-book since it was first published back in 2010. However I can guarantee that a lot of those people would have ditched the system before long, because of one of more of the following reasons:
  • they did not like or understand the psychology of the giving back of profits when a trend finishes;
  • they attempted to start trading the system at a point where the market conditions were not favourable, and encountered a period of poor performance straight away;
  • they did not like the fact that it was not necessarily generating new trades that meet all of my criteria on a daily basis;
  • they did not like it because it was too simple (!!! - yes, I have been told this!)
In other words, they wanted to achieve a similar performance, but were not prepared (or able) to follow the rules, the risk control, and to understand and appreciate how important the psychology involved in trend following is.

This is where the mentoring can help you - to answer specific questions surrounding what constitutes a good trade or set up, and the other system parameters, allied to risk control and, most importantly, developing the necessary mindset to achieve the results you want.

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