Sunday, April 21, 2013

Testimonial for my e-book

I received this kind testimonial today from Ross, who I will be meeting in a few weeks time for some training:

“I was delighted to find Steve's website, similar to the trading style I was pursuing - trend following with stocks. Reading through the site I soon realized this was a great "resource" and particularly appreciated Steve's blog, especially his reminders (often when the markets are going through a volatile time) of the basics and principles of trading and the need sometimes to step back and look at the longer term charts.

I did not hesitate to buy his e-book The Trading Triangle and can thoroughly recommend it! Buying this e-book is a great opportunity to view the system, strategy and mindset of a successful trader.

Some weeks after buying the e-book Steve sent me an "Addendum" to the book via email, which to me, shows his integrity and commitment to his customers, unlike so many on the internet!

Everything you will need to be a successful trader is in the e-book: money/risk and self management along with the nuts and bolts of Steve's "system", which he actually trades himself with very impressive results.

Also everything you do not need is left out, keeping things clear and to the point and written in an easy to read style.

Steve has obviously put in a lot of hard work and discipline to achieve this and generously offers to share this along with his other services at a very reasonable cost! Great Value!

For this I thank you Steve.EXCELLENT. I look forward to the 1-2-1 training we have arranged !"

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