Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mentoring testimonial

I'm delighted to say I've received the following testimonial tonight from Mark, who was the first person who signed up to to the mentoring programme a year ago. Thanks Mark!

"Having just completed my first year on the mentoring program, I am happy to say the I have renewed for a second year without hesitation. Put bluntly for anyone looking to make money out of the markets I highly recommend you contact Trader Steve.

Regarding the system itself, I have always been impressed at its simplicity and ability to catch trends in stocks, indices and commodities . However as is the way with trend following most of the battle to make money in the markets comes from the demons within rather than the technicalities of when to buy and sell. This is when having a mentor like Steve really pays dividends (or maybe I should say capital gains :) ) Having Steve to talk to not only helps in detailing the current state of the indices and individual shares but more importantly someone to confide in when things are not going your way or are working for you. Steve has very much been there and done that so knows the physiological turmoils faced by a new trader.

This is not to say his continued efforts to enhance or improve the original system are neglected. Earlier this year Steve published an addendum to the system to help better control and limit losses when a trade doesn't go your way. This continued commitment is reflected by Steve's willingness to publish this addendum to all out-standing holders of the Trading Triangle without question.

Trader Steve's continued support, willingness to help, frequent twitter updates and useful commentary have been of great help during the last year. Happily signing up to a second year of mentoring is testament to this."

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