Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Spaces still available on mentoring programme

I still have a small number of spaces available to join us in the mentoring programme. As previously mentioned, numbers are strictly limited so that everyone in the programme receives the time and support they deserve.

One thing I will clarify about the performance achieved using the methodology that I use and teach. As mentioned on numerous posts on this blog, strict risk control is paramount in obtaining long-term trading success, with the aim to maximise gains and minimise losses and drawdowns.

Given the sharp downward move in the markets yesterday, I was able to be relaxed as I had no cash equity at risk on my existing positions (assuming there were no adverse overnight gaps through my stop levels). I lost some open profits, but that was to be expected - with trend following, you don't want to close profitable positions for fear of losing your profits, without getting an exit signal first.

Adherence to the stop placement and risk control rules have meant that the returns shown on here have been achieved with minimal drawdowns - indeed, the largest week-on-week drawdown on cash equity has been less than 2%.

If you would like to join the mentoring programme, then more information is available here.

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