Sunday, December 16, 2012

New testimonial

The beauty of a robust trend following methodology is that it can be applied to any market, in any part of the world. I have spoken to other traders (both new and experienced) in the UK, the US and the Far East, who are now applying it to their own local stock markets, as well as the other main markets around the globe. Tonight I received the following testimonial from a new trader in the Netherlands:

"Happy I stumbled onto Steve's blog because it truly convinced me about applying trend following on stocks. The passion and knowledge Steve breathes about trading in general and trend following in special is simply great! One of the things I like most about Steve is his transparency. No secrets here. Steve trades his own system and you can learn from the master himself. That sounds like a pretty fair deal to me..

About the Trading Triangle. The title makes that much sense. The book explains in three major topics (hence the Trading Triangle) how to trade stocks with a sound trend following approach. Short and to the point, no unnecessary things (this is a great quality). Trend following in a beautiful and pure form adjusted to suit the stock markets.

The book covers all aspects but because I'm not an experienced trader I'm going to attend the mentoring programme. Will let you know my experience in the near future.

Regards and all the best! William"

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