Friday, November 30, 2012

Recommended blog -

Successful US trader and author Steve Burns runs the blog, which I highly recommend to all traders. Steve calls himself a 'trend trader' rather than a trend follower, but the basic principle of identifying and following a trend still applies.

All the major issues are covered - particularly relating a trading a plan, proper risk management and the trading psychology involved. Steve has also recently posted a list of the best posts into categories - well worth spending some time going through the library, as you will undoubtedly find something of value in there.

I'm a big believer in the KISS methodology (Keep it simple, stupid!). The points Steve makes are just that - simple, to the point and full of common sense. He also like his lists - many of the posts are in bullet point format, which again makes the posts highly readable, focused and to the point.

I have also had the pleasure of reading his book 'New Trader, Rich Trader' which covers a typical journey of how someone starting out in trading can become successful. The various issues encountered along the journey are clearly made, and the book is an easy read from start to finish.

Finally, Steve is also a prolific tweeter - often posting well known trading quotes or pointers, and it's amazing how reading one of these tweets can jog your memory - sometimes his tweets have been the catalyst for a blog post I have written on here. To go to Steve's blog click here.

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