Monday, November 12, 2012

Another couple of nice trends

I've posted two more charts here (one long trade, one short trade) that once again show the value of riding a trend for absolute returns. Both gave valid signals as per the system rules when these price moves started, and if you were lucky enough to trade them, then congratulations!

You can imagine how indicators such as stochastics or RSI would have signalled oversold or overbought conditions very quickly during these trends. Far better to simply focus on the one metric that matters - price. I also have no idea what was behind these price moves, and frankly I wouldn't care.

A trend followers' job is to get in on a potential new trend, and ride that movement until an exit signal is given. Trends like this crop up on a regular basis, and the profits generated are several multiples of your initial capital risked. You would need a pretty major move on the indices, or on a commodity to get such a profitable move in as short a period of time What is there not to like?

The system, and the training or mentoring and support that I offer is designed so that you can easily identify signals that can lead to powerful trends such as these, and keep you in the trade, maximising your returns, until the appropriate time to get out of the position is signalled. All the rules are disclosed, giving you the power to be in control of your own destiny - there's no 'Black Box' magic here. All you need to do is have the discipline and commitment to follow what the system is telling you. It's all there in front of you. What could be simpler???

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