Sunday, September 30, 2012

A message from (and a link to) Canada

I received a nice email during the week from Danny, a trader in Canada who stated the following "I stumbled upon your blog today and what a pleasant surprise it is turning out to be. Like you mentioned in your September 15th post (click here for that), it is indeed quite difficult to find people who trade stocks using a trend following methodology." So it is not just me - stock following trend followers appears to be an underground movement in trading circles.

Although the details of his method differ from mine, it follows the priciples that I use of determining the trend in the general, giving him a bias in which direction to trade, and then looking for trends in individual equities.

I particularly like his recent post "Are you an Informed Trader?" and how, as if often the case in this world, concentrating on what is important rather than other ancillary information produces better results.

Danny's blog is here.

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